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Transcription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritings

Article about: You need help in reading an old German handwriting? You can't decipher a name? Your translation doesn't make sense? Here is my help thread. I am no professional, but I like old German handwr

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    Another somber one, from the same lot --- soldiers attending a burial during the invasion of Norway.. can't seem to decipher this one either

    Transcription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritingsTranscription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritings

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    Sorry, I cannot read everything on the back of your two photos.

    Photo 1:

    [...] bekamen wir das erste Feuer und gleich richtig! Es war das erste Fahrzeug, was [...] in Norwegen fuhr. (?) Wir hatten dieses erbeutet, deshalb auch nur eine halbe Stunde Glück damit.

    He talks about a first "fire" (in German a term for shooting) and mentions that this was the first vehicle which [...] drove in Norway. (?) They have obtained it but they had only luck with it for half an hour.

    Photo 2:

    [...] wurde ein Mann von uns beerdigt, man kann gut sehen [...] Wut haben.

    A man of us was buried. One can see well [...] our fury.

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    Appreciate it! Nice to know a bit more about them both --- sounds like the car in the first photo was first procured by them (German forces) and then shot up, most probably by Norwegian forces, and abandoned after a short while. I just love figuring out these little stories!

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    You are right, little stories which we cannot find in history books are always interesting. Don't hesitate if you have another photo for me.

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    Hi Stefan, I have just been directed to this thread from my request at Help with feldpost translation

    I would be very grateful for your help. Douglas

    edit; another member has kindly translated it for me, but there will be others.

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    I would be very grateful for any help with this letter. I understand that you cannot transcribe long letters, but I wonder if you could perhaps pick out one or two interesting bits- I would be grateful for even a few lines.

    This is one of a large number of letters sent from a young boy to his parents. He had been evacuated to the Austrian countryside to escape the bombing of Vienna in the 1943-45 period. He lived in a childrens KLV Lager.

    Any help would be really appreciated. Douglas
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Transcription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritings   Transcription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritings  

    Transcription + Deciphering + Translation of (old) German handwritings  

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    Hello, here are the first 3 pages. Sorry for a rather clumsy translation into English - unfortunately neither German nor English is my native language. I hope the following lines will shed some light into the contest of the letter, nonetheless

    Dear parents!
    The camp leader has a lot to communicate to you today. The new rules are:
    I. Vacation is allowed under the following circumstances: a) The father receives a furlough. Only those serving on the front are deemed to meet the requirements of receiving a furlough. The parents have to write a short vacation request which needs to be confirmed by the Local Group (Ortsgruppe) of the NSDAP first. In order to receive the authorization, the furlough pass is to be presented.
    b) Deaths, life threatening illnesses and accidents of the parents or siblings. The request is to be enclosed with a medical report.
    c) Marriage of the sole parent or a sibling, marriage anniversary. The request needs to be enclosed with a marriage announcement or a marriage document.
    II. Withdrawal (of the child from the camp) is allowed under the following circumstances:
    a) The permanent change of the parents’ residence to such a location which is not subjected to the Kinderlandsverschickung program. It is necessary to attach a confirmation document from the new municipality regarding the accommodation and enrolment.
    b) The change in family’s condition which makes the children’s return of absolute importance in order to maintain the household. This request has to be enclosed to a confirmation from the National Socialist People’s Welfare (NSV – Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfart) which acknowledges the necessity of the request.
    All requests regarding vacation or withdrawal are to be addressed to the camp leader who bears the sole authority to approve them. Request without the necessary documents will not be approved.
    The vacation takes 14 days without the travel. The parents pledge in the request that they accept the responsibility for their children from the time when it leaves the camp until it returns.

    (The last page discusses further details and dates when the children can be withdrawn from the camp. On the edge of the letter the son Fredi says he is well).

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    You have done a brilliant job and I am very grateful. Thank you.

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