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Translate please

Article about: Thanks Andreas. I shall post it in the correct thread for a possible id when it arrives. Regards

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    Default Translate please

    Can anyone translate this please.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Translate please

    It translates as:


    Standing on top is our Knight's Cross-
    Holder just prior to being decorated

    Easter 1944

    Don't know what the "blindworm" [Blindschleiche] in this particular context refers to; it might be a nickname. (It is often used jokingly for short-sighted people.)

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    Default Re: Translate please

    Much appreciated HPL!


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    Default Re: Translate please

    I belive "Blindesleiche" is just a joke. I belive it is a family photo of the Knights Cross owner taken just after he got this award and it was sent so some relative or family member.

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    Default Re: Translate please

    Here is the front.
    Does anyone recognise a RK holder?

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    Default Re: Translate please

    According to the caption, he has to be the man on top, but I don't recognize him.

    From his insignia, badges and decorations, we can tell he is a senior NCO of the Luftwaffe serving as aircrew (pilot or observer). We also know he was decorated with the Ritterkreuz on Easter 1944. Maybe this data, combined with the photo, will help somebody determine his identity.

    (Oh, and maybe it's a trick of the light, but there seems to be a decoration on his right breast as well, which would appear to be a Deutsches Kreuz in Gold or a Spanienkreuz.)

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    Default Re: Translate please

    Perhaps the "blindworm" refers to nightfighter pilot,there looks to be a clasp above his EK1 ?

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    Default Re: Translate please

    Thanks guys!


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    Default Re: Translate please

    Need some help with another photo if possible. I added a pic of the front as well.

    Thank you.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Translate please   Translate please  

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    Default Re: Translate please

    Sorry, I am having some difficulty decyphering that one...:

    "Besuch [...] dem Ritterkreuzträger Herrn Major [...]"
    "Visit [...] the Knight's Cross Holder Major [...]

    (I can't quite make out the name, but there is a good chance that somebody else may recognize him.)

    It's certainly a nice study of uniforms, insignia and decorations with many details to look at. So, allow me to hijack this thread a little and, - especially for the benefit of newer collectors - elaborate on what we see here:

    The Army officer on the left is wearing a tailored field blouse and a peaked cap with fully embroidered insignia. The wire stiffener from the cap's crown has been removed, which was a popular practice for frontline soldiers.
    His shoulder board underlay and the cap pipings display the infantry's white branch color.
    This is an experienced soldier and highly decorated combat veteran: His ribbon bar shows the ribbons for the 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class [Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse], two Wehrmacht long service awards signifying at least 12 years of service (we cannot really tell which classes they are) and one other ribbon. (It looks like the Ostmedaille, but this should come before the service awards, so it is probably something else.)
    On his left breast pocket are the 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class [Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse], the Infantry Assault Badge in Silver [Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber] and what appears to be a German Sports Badge. On his right breast pocket is the German Cross in Gold [Deutsches Kreuz in Gold] and worn on his throat is, of course, the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross [Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes].
    The presence of the German Cross in Gold means that the photo was taken no earlier than 1941.

    On the right is a Political Leader of the NSDAP in service dress. His 1939-pattern collar patches look black, but are actually of the dark brown cloth and white piping worn by Kreisleitung-level officials; his "rank" is Abschnittsleiter. (Partially covered by his head is an NSDAP office sign for the "...leitung [...]glau."
    His ribbon bar has the ribbons for the 1914/18 Honor Cross for Front Fighters [Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer] - telling us that he is a WW1 veteran - and the NSDAP's long service decoration for 10 years.
    Worn in the top buttonhole of his tunic is the 1939 EK2 ribbon, proving that he has also made some sort of active contribution to WW2 involving bravery or military leadership.
    On his left breast pocket are the SA Military Sports Badge in Bronze [SA-Wehrabzeichen in Bronze] and the NSDAP's Gau Honor Badge for East Prussia. [Gau-Ehrenzeichen für Ostpreussen.]
    Interestingly, he is not wearing a Party Badge. However, for all we know, he might actually be a holder of the Golden Party Badge: Recipients of both the GPB and a Gau Honor Badge had the option of wearing either one, but were not allowed to wear both simulteneously. (Although this was commonly ignored.)

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