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Article about: Hi, This paper note was found on the back of a framed citation for a kriegsverdienstkruez 2 klasse, dated 1944. I am hoping it will unlock some mystery involving the actual document. Thanks

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    Hi, I see exactly what you mean, I have to admit I thought the same, as far as the SS being in a strange spot. I am aware that oberrustmeister is not a SS rank, but still questioned weather or not anyone by this title would have been associated with the SS. My friend from Germany said the same thing as far as it describing one who is in charge of equipment of some kind, very interesting that it has to do with theater. So, you mean to tell me the SS did not have a traveling entertainment branch for the troops.??!? HaHa. I also had noticed that the lower typed portion is much lighter than the first typed part, almost like it was done at different times on a different typewriter. I do believe the document is, [was], original, being the correct stock, print, embossed, etc. The other thing I notice is that Himmlers ink stamp signature is in a different ink color than the others. What this means I dont know. But it backs up the idea that this piece was SS-ified, to bring more value. Sad, yes FB, sad. I will give it a blacklight, just to see, I will post how that comes out. Thank You once again Andreas, I knew you would be weighing in, and I very much appreciate and value your insight. FB says you are always right, and I believe him!

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