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Treblinka document???

Article about: Interesting,why would a forger go to all the trouble to make a document that looks really authentic and make a blunder like the date.I am not sure but did the main camp have a sub-camp.After

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    Default Treblinka document???


    Would appreciate some advice on this document...

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Treblinka document???  

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Hi Neil,
    This is Confirmation of exemption from work for 3 months.

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Quote by axtdn View Post
    This is Confirmation of exemption from work for 3 months.
    No; it is not. This says:

    "Release document

    The Polish Woman Kazimiere Gi[...]rnatowska
    born on 25 January 1908 at Wolka-Papl[...]nska
    place of residence at R[...]mbertow, [...]laszto[?]a 20
    was duly released today after a 3-month detention at the Forced Labor Camp

    Treblinka, 26 April 1944

    The Commandant of Forced Labor Camp



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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    No wonder she kept the document! How fortunate to get released from such a place!

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    I thought Teblinka was an extermination camp, unlikely that someone would be released to spread the word . I understand that people served their time and were released from concentration camps prior to the start of war but from what i've read after 1940-41 you went in you stayed in. Its April 1944 the Red army are knocking on the door, Army Group centre are getting a whipping, the SS economic system is crying out for forced labour in its many enterprises and a Polish woman which they already have their hands on is released?

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Thanks for the help here! I was worried this may have some problems of being a fake document...

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Treblinka was not a Total extermination camp. It's quite possible the woman could well have been released for whatever reason she was detained there to begin with. To me,in My eyes,anyway, the document looks good. The aging of the tape residue,the softness of the paper from age and much handling,the obvious fact that the printing on the paper(the stamp in particular) was done Before it softened with age and was not printed over the age signs-all point to good,in my opinion. Of course,then again,I could be wrong... William

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Many thanks for the advice, William.

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    Not wishing to get into a dispute but the proforma part of the document looks like its been typed out rather than printed. This would be a time consuming activity if you were releasing or transfering lots of people about the place, even if forced labour were doing it for you. If you had them printed then you would need a large print run to justify the effort of doing so. The underlining of the heading would be much easier with a solid printed line than setting up the spacing with lead packers. I could see one being typed and then duplicated using the rotary drum and chemical method, process does have a name but forgotten it, but then the lettering is usually that purple colour. As to the age and softening of the paper try leaving paper in money in your pocket and put it through the washing machine that ages and softens.

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    Default Re: Treblinka document???

    It's all a moot point,in any case. The forger did a superb job covering all the bases,in my opinion,using old paper,typing with carbon copy paper,etc-even,somehow aging the tape,but the Key information here,which has been overlooked,is the Date. 1944?
    The Revolt occurred on August 2, 1943 and the camp ended operations on October 19, 1943. By November 1943,the camp was dismantled,gone and over with.
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