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Value of SS contract of sevice belonging to Hans Weiss

Article about: Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate on the value of this document? It is a signed contract between Himmler and Hans Weiss, a knights cross winner and commander of the

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    Default Re: Value of SS contract of sevice belonging to Hans Weiss

    I have checked my archive against one of the contempories of Hans Weiss , later Swords Winner and SS Obersturmfuhrer from Das Reich Otto Weidinger.

    He joined the SS in November 1934 as an SS Mann becoming a Sturmann in March 1935 , he was recognised by his superiors as a potentiall Officer , presumably the same happened to Weiss , and became part of the first Officer class at he Fuhrerschule at Braunschweig , he then progressed through the course achieving the ranks of SS Junker and then SS Standartenjunker as parts of the course was completed , he then went to Dachua for a Zugfuhrerlehrgang where he was promoted to SS Standartenoberjunker on 25/2/1936 . He then was posted to 9 Kompanie SS Standarte 1 as a Zugfuhrer before finally attaining Officer rank as an SS Untersturmfuhrer in 20/4/1936 and being awarded his officers Sword.

    So Weidinger followed the career path from NCO , SS Junker , SS Standartenjunker , SS Standartenoberjunker that those that were identified as potential Officers would be expected to follow to achieve Officer status . Presumably Weiss would have to have done the same even though he held a more Senior NCO rank to Weidinger in 1934 !! This leaves me even more perplexed as to why Weiss as an NCO would be signing a document as an SS Untersturmfuher in 1934 two years prior to him actually achieving the rank having followed the same training and promotion path as Weidinger !!
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    Default Re: Value of SS contract of sevice belonging to Hans Weiss

    Paul: Good work and a good question. Many years ago in the US we would have called it the $64 Question, after a radio show by the same name. I still lean towards the idea that in those early years the SS was an organization, within which belonging to the right clique was the path to success, and various high ranking SS officers groomed their protogees according to their own methods, according to what influence they had. The SS was, after all, a political organization within a political organization, based on the Führer principle. Trying to reconcile non-traditional policies and proceedures according to expectations based on conventional models might not always work. Who knows what advantage Weiss enjoyed by having signed the contract as an SS Führer, if any. But there was a reason for having him sign it that way, and he did. I fully agree with you, based on the information you provided here, that Weiss was not actually an officer until 20 April 1936. Even that date might have significance since it coincides with Hitler's birthday. But I think the incontestable fact is that on 3 October 1934, he signed that contract as an SS offficer. Unfortunately, I can't answer the question with any more than constrained speculation. But what else do we have? I have thoriughly enjoyed this thread because it has generated an interesting and challenging debate in which everyone who contributed did so from a solid basis of knowledge. I just wish I could have won! The Best to all of you. Dwight

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    Default Re: Value of SS contract of sevice belonging to Hans Weiss

    I happened to come across this thread and as one on the previous owners of this particular document I would like to give some input. First of all there is no need for any doubts on its originality. As I have owned several similar documents before I am convinced that there is nothing wrong with it. The brown edges around the holes are due to (probably war period) burn and has nothing to do with poor preservation. Because of the fact that the condition of the document was quite fragile, measures have been taken by a curator to preserve the document. The document was not just glued but it has been attached to Japanese paper with acid-free water solvable liquid used by museum curators. This means that the document can easily be removed without any damage by carefully moisting the backside of the Japanese paper. The document has been framed with an acid free matting and the glass is the best museum-glass available to prevent damage from day- and sunlight.

    I would never remove the document myself from the frame as this is one of the best ways to preserve it from deterioration, unless you will keep it in an acid free map, which would be a good alternative.

    Documents like these, with big names like the one of Hans Weiss, are hardly seen on the market nowadays. In particular in Western Europe, where most people can read the German language, these documents are quite popular and collected.

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