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von Schalburg

Article about: Here is 2 rare postcards of von Schalburg. He was the second commander of the Freikorps Danmark and he died the 2 june 1942 while he was attacking the russians at Demjansk. At the second pos

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    Default von Schalburg

    Here is 2 rare postcards of von Schalburg.
    He was the second commander of the Freikorps Danmark
    and he died the 2 june 1942 while he was attacking the russians
    at Demjansk.
    At the second postcard von Schalburg is together with his son
    Attached Images Attached Images von Schalburg von Schalburg 

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    Heinrich Himmler was the godfather to Schalburg's son, Alexander. Alexander died in 2006 because of disease. Prior to that, he was among other things a tourguide in Africa. He despised nazism and didn't not keep in contact with his dad's SS-friends after the war.

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    This is the last photo of Schalburg alive, it was taken just before he stepped on a mine while trying to storm a russian bridgehead at the Robja river.

    von Schalburg

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    Nice pics. As far as i know Schalburg was killed by shrapnel possibly from a mine, during the attack on the bridgehead. According to K B Martinsens statement some Freikorps soldiers got wounded by mines and was brought rearwards. Schalburg thought that the attack on the bridgehead was grinding to a halt and commanded his men forwards. He went along with them. The Freikorps had earlier taken the bridgehead and the Soviets retaken it. On this attack they did not know that the Soviet artillery was sighted in on the bridgehead, should the Danes attack again. During the attack the Soviets opened up a heavy drum fire. Schalburg got hit by shrapnel in the right upper arm and left thigh.

    According to Erik Westergaard who took part in the attack, Schalburg told his men he was done and they should not waste any time on him but continue the attack. Schalburg wanted to say some more to them but got hit by a large piece of shrapnel in the forehead and died on the spot.

    Schalburg was in many ways a remarkable man. Even the resistance guys interviewed about him respected him. They did not agree with him, but respected him much. He was a very well liked Captain in the Danish Royal Guards.

    For those interested in this topic i can recommend the book "Schalburg" by Mikkel Kirkebæk.

    Regards, Lars

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    As I understand the situation, the frikorps attacked the bridgehead from both flanks in order to avoid the heavily mined area in front of the russian positions. However when the attack was halted, Schalburg went desperate to continue the attack so he decided to launch a frontal attack right through the mined area. As Lars' mentions he was first hit by shrapnel from a mine and shortly after by shrapnel from grenades.
    Some of the veterans, who were there have later described Schalburg's decision to front-attack through the mined area, as a complete suicide mission, and while Schalburg was extremely brave he was no tactical genius.

    von Schalburg

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    Thay actually had to attack through the artillery barrages/drum fire.

    Tactically Schalburg was not too bad and got good marks in his SS "ausbildung". It was his impulsiveness that at times got the better of him. To begin with Schalburg joined the WSS to fight the Bolsheviks. He even thought of joining the Romanian Iron Guard at some point. He went to Finland for the same purpose. When he and his family was forced to leave Russia when he was 10-11 yrs old, he swore to fight the Bolsheviks.

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    I believe there is another photo floating around of Aleksander Schalburg in a kids black dress SS uniform as well. I can't find it on google though, so I must have seen it in a book somehwhere.

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