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W-SS Document translation.

Article about: Would someone be kind enough to translate these for me. Kind regards francie.

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    Default W-SS Document translation.

    Would someone be kind enough to translate these for me.

    Kind regards

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture W-SS Document translation.   W-SS Document translation.  

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    Default Re: W-SS Document translation.

    Heres what they say in a nut shell:
    the first doc: a Draft Notice to the Waffen SS in which his examination found him to be fit to enter the Waffen ss - he was also advised to notify this office at once if by chance he had been drafted by the Army,Navy or Air Force.
    2nd Doc:Notified him that his request was received by the draft board but denied due to his age but it was noted that civilian duty was also very inportant.

    3rd Doc: His request to enter the Waffes SS was denied as the Draft Board noted that he had already served.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: W-SS Document translation.

    Horst has beat me to the answer and posted his while I was still typing away on mine... He has already answered the question; but here is my version anyway:

    Document No. 1 (issued by the Waffen-SS Recruitment Department, Recruitment Office Elbe [IV] at Dresden) informs the volunteer Paul Schmidt from Zwickau that he has been examined and found fit for duty by the SS-Acceptance Commission on the day the document is dated (i.e. 26 Oct. 41) and that the procedure for acceptance into the Waffen-SS will be undertaken. In case of him receiving a call-up notice from another branch of the armed forces he is to notify the recruitment office immediately, in urgent cases by telephone.

    Document No. 2 was issued by the Armed Forces Recruitment Inspection at Chemnitz on 3 November 1941 and informs our Mr. Schmidt that his request for re-acceptance into the armed forces - which he had sent to the Army High Command - has been forwarded to them as the agency in charge in order to examine the matter and decide about it.
    They regretfully inform him that his request can not be met as he belongs to an older age group and that he is to work within the homeland's economic system, which, they do not fail to mention, is no less important to the war effort than service in the armed forces.

    As a result of this, document no. 3, dated 17 February 42 and again issued by the SS recruiters at Dresden, informs Schmidt that he cannot be called up for duty with the Waffen-SS with the reason given briefly as "Has already served."

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    Default Re: W-SS Document translation.

    Thank you, much appreciated.


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