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Wiking Letter Translation

Article about: Hello! This handwriting is awful ...and nearly unreadable even for native german speakers. Here's what I can translate: http://www.gottfriedrinker.bplaced.n...n/let1001a.jpg As for the meani

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    Hi there... I paid about 75 / $120 for the letters. I'm currently looking into the role of the Wiking Division in WW2, and where Dr Schopper served etc...
    Many options... depends on time and cost as to where I go with this

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    These might be a couple of weird questions but I'm not a militaria collector, so....... how does somebody acquire such things like old letters? Were they simply found and sold by an unknown source? Do the writers/recipients sell those things themselves? Did you try to get in contact with the writer/ least Wiltraut Schopper was alive until last year. Did she ever read those letters adressed to her or even know about their existence? I'm just wondering.... my great-uncle presumably died in Stalingrad carrying letters from his family. The thought that somebody found, sold, bought those letters and now looks at them without even understanding the language is totally strange.... I just don't get it....why do you collect private letters in a foreign language? ^^

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    Hi Lysya

    The questions aren't weird. I've only recently purchased these letters from a dealer. I've no idea about his source, i'm just glad I got to buy them. I don't think you have to be German to be interested in German things. It just makes it more challenging to find out what they all say. Hence why I joined this forum. I look on it as an education I believe I have found a photo in a book of this Dr Schopper, I just want to try and confirm it by other means

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    Hi. It seems that a number of people have been trying to determine with certainty if a quantity of letters which have recently been in circulation were in fact written by Dr. Hubert Schopper. They were. I have quite a few of these letters myself, including several written in 1945 while Schopper was a prisoner of war. One of these is clearly addressed to Wiltraut Schopper, in Austria. The name on the reverse is clearly and distinctly Hubert Schopper.
    As far as I know all of these letters entered the market when they were sold in small lots by a militaria dealer in Great Britain. I don't think that the dealer knew anything about Hubert Schopper. My guess would be that the letters came from the estate of Wiltraut Schopper, who died last year.
    So, unless there was another Hubert Schopper who served as a doctor in the Wiking Division, who had a wife named Wiltraut in Austria, who served in Berlin for several months in 1942 and then spent most of the remainder of the war on the eastern front, who was an Obersturmfuhrer for much of the war and ended the war as a Haupsturmfuhrer, then I think it's safe to consider the identity of the man who wrote these letters as confirmed.

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    Hi Jimmer. Thanks for your message. I've posted on various forums on this subject (axis, feldgrau, wehrmacht awards)< Wonder if they were my post you saw? But after a bit of research, I've obtained his personnel & race & settlement file from a researcher in washington proving this is my man (Dr Hubert Schopper). 41 letters for about 110 from two dealers on Ebay, 1 in England and another in US. Just out of interest... how many do you have yourself???

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