Not lost. It was falling off so I removed it for safe keeping. Its with his medals and documents. My father was wounded twice so there are two stars on it. The French ribbons are odd. I have documentation of a sort for one but not the other. And the placement on the uniform seems odd. Plus no medals. But this was the French after all.

I'm sorry your father wasn't able to keep his uniform - did he have to surrender it in England? When did this occur? My father was in the Polish Resettlement Corps until 1946 or 1947. He came to Canada then. I photos of him in the PRC and what looks like a Canadian suburb of the 40s or 50s and he's wearing his uniform. My father did said he had to throw his sidearm over the side before landing in Canada. Other Polish soldiers brought back souvenirs - one of my father's friends showed me his Mauser HSc

What other kinds of memorabilia from your father do you have? My father was not sentimental. He used his army boot brushes until he died. Same with the uniform pants - he wore those to work in the garden till they became rags. Plus he gave me items to play with when I was a child (whistle, lighter - not working, magneto driven flashlight...) and unfortunately I either broke them or lost them. He had a field dressing in the glovebox of his car. (I have it now). He had most of his photographs stolen in England when he was convalescing from his wounds so I only have a few photographs.