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Can you identify these holsters used by prewar Polish Officers

Article about: In Jerzy Majka's book on the 10th Cavalry Brigade, I noticed there are a number of photos of officers wearing holsters that are not the Vis 35 issue one. (pages 69, 58 - showing Maj. Francis

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    Default Re: Can you identify these holsters used by prewar Polish Officers

    It was so long ago its hard to remember. My father has been dead for 20 years and didn't really like to talk about the war. He did mention driving a motorcycle in the 10th BK and being in reconnaissance. He mentioned the wz.28 as well as pistols and rifles but not in the context of what he personally used. Most of his photographs of his military life were stolen when he was convalescing in a hospital in the UK after being nearly killed in Holland in 1944. I have only a few prewar photographs and it only shows him in his beret and black leather coat. He looks very young in the photo. I will scan it and upload it but I don't think it will help.

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    Default Re: Can you identify these holsters used by prewar Polish Officers

    For sure he was familiar with all types of weapons used in his unit - pistols, Browning and rifles - that's was a part of his training and service. One of my dreams is to get a chance to shoot few magazines from original wz.28. Unfortunately right now it is almost impossible where i live. Maybe in future ... please upload those pictures, they will be interesting i'm sure.

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    Exclamation Re: Can you identify these holsters used by prewar Polish Officers - new photo added

    CZ vz 24 (Polish designation wz 28)

    I was 'stalking' a few pistols/rifles from a local dealer's special surplus sale that took place at the beginning of February but wasn't fast enough dialing to get the ones that I could afford and would help with my 10th BK display (a prohibited refinished FN 1900 for $95 CDN, a prohibited excellent condition FN 1910 for $250 CDN and a prohibited poor condition Mauser 1914 for $95 CDN - all in .32 caliber). The prohibited pistols would have to be deactivated for $50 more. I don't really like to spend a lot of money on something I can't shoot so $250 CDN was my upper limit. There was a restricted good condition MAB 35A for $250 which although wouldn't help my 10th BK display, was a firearm reported used by the Poles in France 1940. So I was interested in it as well. All sold before I could get through on the phone. Those who bought from the surplus sale are generally reporting that condition wise, the firearms are better than advertised.

    There were four prewar Czech pistols available: a vz 24, two vz 27s, and vz 38. Most prewar Czechoslovakian pistols are not too expensive when available as they have not caught the eye of Canadian collectors yet. Plus most prewar Czech pistols are prohibited (exception: the vz 38). But I have noticed that U.S. prices are higher than Canadian for the vz 24, vz 27 and the ugly duckling vz 38. The attraction for some collectors is that these pistols were used by the Germans (and Finns) which tends to revalue them upwards somewhat. The big disadvantage for Canadians is unless you are one of the lucky few that has a prohibited gun ownership license, you have to deactivate it and out goes any collectors value.

    Because no one seemed interested in the Czech vz 24 and vz 27s pistols offered for sale, these languished for a month. (The ugly vz 38 sold quickly, probably because of the four - it is not prohibited.) Yesterday I bought the prewar CZ vz 24. It has been reported in this thread as one of the private purchase pistols favoured by prewar Polish officers (Polish designation wz 28). I was able to get a good price on the pistol ($100 off ) which with the deactivation, taxes and shipping brought the total back to my preferred limit.

    Anyways here is my recent purchase. I don't have it yet so the sellers photo will have to do. I am now looking for the correct holster.

    Name:  CZ vz 24 original.jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CZ vz 24 resized.jpg 
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    Its a shame that due to Canadian government restrictions this has to be deactivated!

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