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The Changing Map of Poland

Article about: Yes Poland was not formally at war with USSR, but USSR never the less invaded Poland in 1939 without a declaration of war. I would however not hesitate to call it war. USSR captured some 200

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    You're welcome, Skorpion

    I've had a look through that box. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any propaganda pamphlets in there that date prior to the discovery of Katyn, though I do have a reasonable number of later ones. The box did turn up a respectable stack of copies of "Bellona: miesiecznik wojskowy" and a book on the September Campaign complete with a set of maps though.

    That's not to say I still won't find anything - I've still got lots of paperwork and bits to go through.
    Many thanks for looking!

    I believe most of the Polish propaganda effort surrounding border issues and settlement was post Sikorski and Katyn—after the diplomatic break with the USSSR the government in exile became even more sidelined by the other Allies and the Poles needed to try and keep their cause in the public eye as much as possible especially, in the US.

    Map of E. Europe 1941
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Changing Map of Poland  
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