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Are collar pieces in photo 'Emblemat Szkoły Podoficerskiej'

Article about: Thanks very much for those scans Tony, I'm working on translating them. Maybe it's obvious but is the badge worn on the collars or tunic? Chris............

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    The signature is "Grupa na sali w lutym 1931 w Rawie Ruskiej" (Group in the class in february of 1931 in Rawa Ruska). All soldiers are the Reserve Ensign School (Szkoła Podchorążych Rezerwy), the emblems which they are wearing on their collars are SPR emblems - which were allowed only during the education/course for further rank of cadet. Im sure that those seen on photography can't be "Szkola Podoficerska".

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    Hello Pat & thanks for the translation.

    I've been away from the forum. Yes you are correct this is in fact an image taken of Szkoła Podchorążych Rezerwy in Rawa Ruska. My confusion laid in that I had two uncles in the Polish Army, one an officer in the reserve the other an NCO formally full time then later a reservist. From CAW records the former uncle was a reservist officer trained at Rawa Ruska. The later younger uncle ( as witnessed in the photo ) also seemed to have had an opportunity through schooling to apply for officer training and attended Rawa Ruska but apparently did not make the grade. It is this later uncle who is in the photo, PISM records show him only receiving pre-war NCO (Podoficer) training in Jaroslaw.


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    What was unkle's NCO rank after not passing officer's exam ? Sergeant ? Staff Sergeant of Reserve ? Finishing SPR School did not make one an officer of reserve. It only gave a title of "podchorazy" (ensign? cadet?) added to normal rank. After finishing the course soldier had his NCO rank of f.e. corporal, or platoon leader or even sgt. After some time he could continue his education and after few more courses one could became an officer of reserve. SPR courses in 20's/30's were organized in various locations - even in infantry divisions all around Poland. System of education of ensigns / officers of reserve changed much during the II Republic.

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    Thanks for your comments Pat! Very interesting, I was not aware of these specifics of SPR School. My uncle's rank in Sept 1939 was Corporal of the Reserve in No.6 Batalion Telegraficzny. Interesting and gratifying to learn that a common soldier in the pre-war Polish Army had opportunities open to him if he applied himself. Your information has me viewing this photo in a new light. From what source did you learn of this, I would like to obtain this information if its in a book?


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    There is a plenty of sources, unfortunately almost all in polish. A good example may be "Szkoła Podchorążych Rezerwy Piechoty" by Jan Łukasiak, ISBN 83-88773-68-2, printed in 2003. It is mostly about history of school in Zambrów, but there is also some detailed informations about whole idea of education of officers of reserve in II RP. In many others you will find some additional informations - like in book by Wielecki etc ...

    In brief: after WWI ends and Poland regained its indenpendence there were school battalions in every single Corps District (territorial). Their first assigment was to educate further NCO's for polish army, after a year next step was made - education for officers of reserve. The result of this changes was that in every Corps District one signle company of cadets appeared. One of firsts of them was in Srem in Wielkopolska. From 1922 candidates for future officers were chose regular service private's amd NCO's .From 1925 recruitment was allowed from the line - every private was allowed to try his chance + all volunteers who got secondary education level (exam after high-school). Course lasted from few weeks to half of year. Training was conducted in every Coprs District. Great amount of vollunteers caused many changes in education process. Companies were changed into schools - "Okregowe Szkoly Podchorazych Rezerwy Piechoty", and after few years name was changed to School Battalions of ... ("Batalion Szkoły Podchorążych Rezerwy Piechoty"). They existed till 1932. Training process in District was made usualy in one of the local regiments. Except of courses for NCO's, privates and school there were also special courses for teachers (6-8 weeks in summer holidays).

    In 1929 the School of Officer Cadets of Reserve (Szkoła Podchorążych Rezerwy w Zambrowie) was estabilished in Zambrow. This caused three School Battalions to be canceled (no. 4, 6 and 9a).First course started in 1929. School had two rifle battalions (3 companies each) and two special companies (pioniers and HMG). In 1935 School was reorganized and changed into Training Battalion of Cadet Officers of Reserve (Batalion Szkolny Podchorążych Rezerwy Piechoty).
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    Your a mine of information Pat thank you. Would you mind listing them? That the sources are Polish is no problem (I have my means). By Wielecki do you mean POLSKI MUNDUR WOJSKOWY 1918-1939. by Henryk Wielecki?


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    Yes, in Wielecki you'll find some information of uniforms of school. How does the uniform change, what was happening with badges, ribbons etc ... it changed much during II RP - mostly in 1921, 1927 and finaly in around 1935/36. But almost whole years an unchanged attribuite of cadet during course was this SPR collar badge. So it is really easy to spot and identify them on photos because of this badges.

    Where to find more? As i mentioned before - education was made in different locations depend of time period. So YOu can try to find more in monographies of regiments, districts, schools etc ... they are very divided and i just can't type them in the line just like that Can't remember.

    Rawa Ruska is very close to Lwow, so there is strong chance that it was one of it's courses. There was School Battalion no. 6A in Rawa Ruska (VIII 1928 – VII 1929). 19 Infantry Regiment from Lwow also was a place where 5 Divisional course was made (for 5th Infantry Division). So the best idea is to start searching in publications about Lwow regiments, 6th Corps District etc ...

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    Default Re: Are collar pieces in photo 'Emblemat Szkoły Podoficerskiej'

    Thanks and no worries Pat!

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    Default Re: Are collar pieces in photo 'Emblemat Szkoły Podoficerskiej'

    Quote by ChrisW01 View Post
    Your a mine of information Pat thank you. . .
    I second that. Thank you for taking the time to provide a detailed and helpful reply.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Default Re: Are collar pieces in photo 'Emblemat Szkoły Podoficerskiej'

    Well said and thanks for those additions to your earlier posts Pat!!

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