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Favorite Uniform

Article about: Greetings All, Took some pictures of my favorite uniform. I didn't post in the 39 uniform section as there is a discussion going on that I didn't want to disrupt. This one I keep at the offi

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    That's interesting. Proper collar patches, huculski badges - all made me focus on other details ... Six buttons is a very uncommon thing in pre-war tunics. That existed only in M.31 summer field tunic. I haven't seen pre war M.36 garisson tunic with 6 buttons yet. Collar patches usualy are in the exact size like the collar. It is very uncommon that they do not fit. I also noticed a bit to square-shaped pockets and vertical stiching lines between upper and lower pockets. One can't see them too often in regular tunics. Of course occasionally some variations are possible but most of regular tunics are quite the same. Rank ribbons, collar patches, details of the hat - all looks quite positive.

    Six buttons M.36 jackets appeared in 1943 when production for Polish Army on the East started in Russia. As a pattern they chose M.31 summer jacket - that's why all first LWP jackets are mostly with 6 buttons (all i mean - garrison, officers, soldiers, field tunics etc ...). Your jakcet could be one of those early post-war or war-time jackets rearanged for a pre war one with original ribbons, patches, buttons ...

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    Quote by 48ppsk View Post

    good point, I didn't notice previously. If you take a good look at the photo of the tunic that my grandtahter is wearing in the photo you can see the same pattern/spacing of buttons, which is different than that of others in the photo, suggesting 6 and not 7 buttons. You can see in the photo that the 3rd button lines up approx with the pocket button, whereas the soldier in front with the rounded cap has his 4th button in the same position. You can also see the button spacing is obviously different.

    I have several other photos of individual soldiers that show a similar pattern.


    Can You post those photos with similar pattern, and more photos with tunic details?

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    Here is a photo posted previously on the forum clearly showing a 6 button tunic found in a museum.

    There are other examples of 6 button prewar tunics--is this what is up for debate at the present time?? I am certainly no expert on prewar tunics, however I am certain that others must have seen examples of this. If not, then I can scan from my collection and post. I don't want to waste anyones time by posting something that is obvious to all.

    Many thanks,


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    This tunic is from MWP in Warsaw. Indeed it has 6 buttons, but this tunic is made of gabardine not sloth. I saw 6 buttons but only in gabardine tunic - never in sloth tunic. Notice also my and pat15567 opinion about collar tabs. I have never seen such unmatched tabs in original tunic or on photo. Uniform N.C.O or even the private had to look impeccably. Even the cheapest tailor didn't do such a botch-up. If I'm wrong Your tunic will be the exception which I hasn't seen yet.


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    Greetings and thanks,

    i certainly do not disagree.
    I do not have much experience with prewar tunics. From what I understand is that the wz 36 wool tunics were not seen with 6 buttons, yet there are other prewar tunics with 6 buttons--correct?? My impression from the post of pat15567 is that there were no 6 button prewar tunics.

    I also understand wrt the patki as I have looked at my other prewar tunics and seen the difference.

    Now, other than the wz36, were there wool tunics of other versions that had 6 buttons??

    many thanks,


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    Pardon me if my post are not quite clear, it's only a matter of insufficient vocabulary. What i was trying to say is that your tunic is woolen and made for master corporal. I know this jacket YOu've shown. It's from the collection of Warsaw Museum of Polish Army. Please notice that this one is not a soldier's tunic but of ensign of reserve (i'm not sure about the translation of this rank). Firstible it is not a regular jacket, it was not created for regular service. It was used as a off-service jacket. This type of uniform could be ordered at local taylor. Your hat and tunic are of wool which mean and got rank of master corporal that means they were to use as a regular garrison uniform. Thats the first thing. Tunic also have few major differences with regular one. I am not asuming that this one is not good. I'm only trying to share my doubts. And definitely i can notice at least few of them looking at your jacket. Simplest thing - collar patches should be perfect fit with the collar size. Such difference as in your was totaly unacceptable in pre-war polish army. Sorry to say that.

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    That an beautiful example, I doubt its post-war as Ive never seen a post-war tunic in that style or wool. I have pictures some where of pre-war soldiers with tunics with 6 buttons, Ill post them soon

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