I am not sure that all of the VM orders awarded to members of the AK are actually in the available published datasets/records. I vaguely recall seeing a list of VM recipients during the Rising from AK battle group "Gurt" that are not listed elsewhere.

There is the VM that the young AK medic Irena Bytniewska (whose nom de plume was Irene Orska and died in 1986) writes in her 1946 published eye-witness account of the Rising being awarded to an 8-year-old girl during the 'Rising for her bravery as an AK liaison runner....this is not listed elsewhere either, just in this account.

Maybe if the VM was awarded shortly after combat by the underground authorities some of the recipient lists were lost in the chaos of those times or never made it back to the government-in-exile?

Who had the legal authority in the underground state to award the VM to combatants in occupied Poland?