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Help with Identifying Polish Ribbon from the 1930s

Article about: Hey Everyone, Working through my grandfather's history, came across a small ribbon bar (no medals unfortunately) I know the red & white ribbon is for Long Service (10 years) as I have th

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    OK great, thanks Tony once again.

    In other news (and the original reason why I posted), I now also think the medal/white ribbon is a faded 10 Year Anniversary of Independence, and the badge on his right shoulder is the Equestrian Złoty Wielka. Thankfully I had a high enough resolution scan of the aforementioned photo, so I went a little CSI and took a closer look.

    Help with Identifying Polish Ribbon from the 1930s

    If you look closely it looks like there is a suggestion of Piłsudski's face.

    I had read that this decoration was issued in 1928 to those with 5years service or more. AJR would have been at Cavalry Officer's School in Grudziadz, so I guess they would have counted time at Kadet Korps? Does that sound right?


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    Yes, without a doubt the 10 Years of Independence Commemorative Medal, confirming my hunch from the outset. And yes, your grandfather was entitled to the medal for service in the Polish Armed Forces or for at least 5 years, part of which was his academic study to advance in his military career. It's good to see your continued progress in piecing together your grandfather's story.

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    Hello Andrew,

    In answer to your question about the 2 photographs the committee is the Polski Zwiazek Jezdziecki (Polish Equestrian).

    Best wishes


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