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Katyn victims

Article about: Copy of a letter sent by his wife to Red Cross in Chicago, USA. She explains that she had not heard of her husband, other than through other people. She says that he was last seen working at

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    I did not knew of had the medals and they were in the possession of my family, a great pity that sold them .. Such souvenirs are sacred.Lucjan Gawroński was my Grandfather.... Greeting for Gawron Jr.
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    Jednej rzeczy nie rozumiem - widziałem pamiątki po pradziadku, ale te przedstawione na zdjęciach nie wyglądają znajomo.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, this is an English language forum. For the benefit of those who do not speak Polish could you please translate your comments and edit/repost under the Polish text, or I will have to delete them...which would be a shame. Thank you
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    My bad, sorry
    I was just responding to Catherineve, who said:
    "It's a big shame that the Family got rid of these memorabilia. Lucjan Gawronski was my grandfather... I didn't know him, I didn't even know that he had such decorations.. These memorabilia are sacred...!"
    (Wielka szkoda,że Rodzina pozbyła sie tych pamiatek. Lucjan Gawroński był moim dziadkiem.. Nie znałam go , nie wiedziałam nawet ,że miał takie odznaczenia.. Te pamiątki to Świętość... !!)

    I replied:
    "One thing I don't understand - I saw my great grandfather's memorabilia, but ones presented on picures do not look familiar".
    (Jednej rzeczy nie rozumiem - widziałem pamiątki po pradziadku, ale te przedstawione na zdjęciach nie wyglądają znajomo.)

    Does this mean that there is another family member here?!

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    I have been in contact with the young Lady who is the great grand daughter of Major Gawronski. She had send me a three page brief titled " Wspomnienie o Ojcu" (Remembering my Father) written by her grandmother Ewa (daughter of Major Gawronski). The three page brief is dated 6 August 1989 and written in Krakow. This dates it to post communism time and shows how some people were afraid of writing things down prior to that. For most of the time during communist rules these stories were told or not told to family members and not written down, and many times people were afraid to even talk about it. I remember asking my grandmother about my Uncle who was a Lieutenant in 27th Division AK, and She would tell me only that He was going to help in the Uprising in Warsaw but that the Division got stopped by soviets and interned.... and that he went to a POW camp and that they believed that he would never come back.... and I would always ask why ? there were our allies right ? and I remember my dear grandmother at loss of words..... she did not know what to say... and i would always think to myself that something did not sound right... and we kids grown up watching " Kapitan Kloss ", " Czterej Pancerni " (4 armored ) shows that publicized our biggest friends the soviets.... Little did I know.
    Ok, back to the brief.
    This was seen by a 14 year old girl.... I will not translate the whole letter, only the 1939 Campaign and the capture by soviets.
    September 3rd 1939 Krakow's PKU was given evacuation order with their families. The evacuations trains got bombed near Tarnow on September 4th-5th 1939 and the PKU got disband. (PKU - Powiatowa Komenda Uzupelnien) (District Recruitment/Replacement Command ).
    Officers assigned to PKU got ordered to link up with their mother Unit. For Cpt Gawronski it would have been 26th Infantry Regiment from Lwow.
    They were told that the Regiment was in Wolyn Province between Luck and Rowno. (This was false, as we know today)
    17 September 1939 the Family got near small town Mizocz located by Rowno, there they were stopped by what she describes as soviet recon unit : consisting of a tank and a car. She says that "my Father was right away overpowered and taken away in the car ." This was the last time that She saw him.
    Her mother at the end of January 1940 found out that he was in Kozielsk Camp and had written a post card to him, and in 1943 when they exhumed the graves Cpt Gawronski had that card in his uniform pocket and that is how they identified the remains. Last correspondence from their Father was from middle of March 1940.


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    Katyn victimsKatyn victimsKatyn victimsKatyn victims

    Here is a cigarette case with box belonging to Major Franciszek Michal Weda murdered at Katyn.
    In 1920 he commanded a company in 26th Infantry Regiment, of interest is that Major Gawronski mentioned above was also an officer in that Regiment. I wonder if they knew each other , and maybe saw each other in the Kozielsk Camp ?
    In 1932 Major Weda commanded a KOP Battalion " Krasne ". Aooears as he left "Krasne " in 1937, that is what the dates are on this presentation piece. These are KOP Battalion "Krasne " Officers signatures in gold on the cigarette case.
    Major Weda was decorated with Virtuti Militari and Gold Cross of Merit.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Katyn victims  


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    Quote by Itakdalej View Post
    Here is bio of Por reserve Aleksander Teodor Mazur, he was a high school teacher. Mobilized into KOP ( Corps of Border Protection), batalion "Orany".
    Wounded in 1939 by Brzesc on river Bug. Born in 1914 in Grebow, county Tarnobrzeg. Unfortunately I have not been able to fing any pictures of him.
    I have 3 letters that survived. One is from Starobielsk Camp, and two other from POW camp in Szepetowka, Wolyn.
    Hi Itakdalej,

    It is amazing that just today on Remembrance Day I found your post about my great-uncle Aleksander T. Mazur. He is very special to me because I was named after him. The only thing that I have in my possession is his picture.

    Katyn victims .

    From what I learned from my aunt, he was executed in Charków in 1940 along with his fellow officers.

    Please let me know how I can contact you.


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    Hello Alex and welcome to the Forum.

    As you said it is amazing that on Remembrance Day you found this post.

    There is no picture of him in the " Charkow Ksiega Cmentarna " book, so it is great to see that a picture survived.

    I will send you PM with my email.


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    Katyn victims

    Here is a part 7 of US Congressional Hearings in 1952 on the Katyn Forest murders. I am reading it in my "spare " time. It is very interesting. I will try to obtain all parts one day.


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    Hello Guys,
    Those of you who are interested in the British-Polish relations concerning the Katyn massacre may be pleased to know, that the Polish Foreign Office has just published documents from the British National Archives collection. A bitter-sad story of our alliance reminded once again... Katy


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