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Odznaka II Brygady Legionów

Article about: Hi guys, like on the title Odznaka II Brygady Legionów for opinion

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    Default Odznaka II Brygady Legionów

    Hi guys, like on the title Odznaka II Brygady Legionów for opinion
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    Default Re: Odznaka II Brygady Legionów

    Better pictures of the front and back of the badge (high-resolution) would help us to give you reliable opinion on it.


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    Hey Guys
    I have the same type of badge. Photos attached. Measures 37x50mm. The main difference I can see between this type and others is that the eagle tallons are pointed up rater than down, the central tail is not lower than the two side tails and the crown is a lot smaller. Also the 30,IX,1914 & 1916 look more engraved and not as wide in font as other badges. The back is not dead flat but ratherconcave in at the center. Is it a real issue or a repro? Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo2.jpg 
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Name:	photo.jpg 
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    In my opinion both of them (badges presented by michal79 and Janek79) are copies. They were probably made by the same producer because they are very similar. The eagle is incorrect and all issues concerned by michal79 are relevant.


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    Agreed with Jacek, both likely copies from the same maker. The quality is weak in many respects, and not something I would expect from a pre-war maker producing a badge of this type.

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    Below you can find pictures of two original versions of the badge (eagle is the main difference between them).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Odz. II Brygady - av.jpg 
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Size:	29.2 KB 
ID:	557528Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Odznaka II Brygada - av.jpg 
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ID:	557529

    I would like also to pay your attention to the upper part of the badges (the shape of the II - but also all other letters and numbers from copies compared to originals).

    Kind regards,

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    Hi guys
    Those badges are the same i got this picture from Ebay ,
    Im sorry Michal but your badge it is not Original!
    The seller already once before sold this badge, I guess there was a problem with it, as he relisted the item.

    Here is a badge that belongs to Tony Zawadzki, 100% original, for you to compare. Please use this badge for all future reference.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	111637d1275846197-pre-war-badge-thread-2lbp.jpg 
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    Is it possible that this badge could have been a later version made only for polish soldiers who had re-settled in the US after WW1. It could have been given to them by Haller when he went there to drub up support for recruitment of polish soldiers during WW2? I know it's a long shot, but you never come to ask for soldiers without giving out a few presents right? Tony's Badge is beautiful. PS i will keep my fake so it doesn't get re-sold. Thanks guys.

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