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photos of Second Republic 1918-1939

Article about: Biogramy Walenty Nowak W latach 1932 – 1935 był z-cą dowódcy 52 pułku piechoty Strzelców Kresowych w Złoczowie, od stycznia 1937 roku dowódcą 48 pułku piechoty

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    Great images Mariusz! Any idea as to which year these were taken? Also curious if anyone could comment as to the style of rifle they have?
    Chris, I believe most of the soldiers in the photographs are armed with Mannlicher Berthier Fusil Mle 1916 rifles (and a few carbines) except for the two soldiers to the Chauchat machine gunner's right (left side of first photograph): the soldier laying on his side might have a Mannlicher Berthier Fusil Mle 1907/15 (but I think its a Fusil Mle 1916 with the magazine obscured) and the next soldier kneeling seems to have a Lebel Fusil Mle 1886 M93.
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    I have a few pics with info also that i tried to work out who the names of them are..... So far i only managed to find one person's name as i don't recognize the others.

    To the left, Generał Dywizji Franciszek Skibiński, at the time of the photo Pułkownik.

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