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Plk Szuszkiewicz Antoni

Article about: Hello all, I am looking for information on colonel Antoni Szuszkiewicz., One time commander of 14 Jazlowiecki Lancers Regiment in Lvov. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Simon

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    Default Plk Szuszkiewicz Antoni

    Hello all,
    I am looking for information on colonel Antoni Szuszkiewicz., One time commander of 14 Jazlowiecki Lancers Regiment in Lvov.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello Simon,

    With reference to Pulkownik Antoni Szuszkiewicz, I have been able to find the following for you:

    Plk Szuszkiewicz Antoni

    Plk Antoni Szuszkiewicz Officer Commanding 14PUL with General Bryg. Franciszek Popowicz, photographed in Lwow no date but I would say between 1929 - 1932.

    Plk Szuszkiewicz Antoni

    1932 Report by General Juliusz Rommel on Plk Szuszkiewicz (Curtesy of the Pilsudski Institute, U.S.A.)

    Plk Antoni Szuszkiewicz was born on the 9th December 1886

    The Rocznik Oficerski (Officers Yearbook) 1923 lists him on Pages: 17, 623, 677

    Major 12PUL serving in the Ministry of War Department II Jazdy, Major from 1st June 1919, 41st in seniority.

    With the following Awards VM Nr:6897, KW x 4.

    Rocznik Oficerski 1924 lists him on Pages: 17, 563, 599

    Podpulkownik from 15th August 1924, 9th in seniority, serving with M-O-W Department II Kawalerji

    Rocznik Oficerski 1928 lists him on Pages: 303, 338

    Podpulkownik Commanding Officer 14 Pulk Ulanow in Lwow (O/C from 14th May 1927-22nd March 1932), 5th in seniority

    Rocznik Oficerski Kawalerji 1930 lists him as Pulkownik 14PUL VM, KW x 4, KZ Zl. (Pulkownik 1st January 1929 3rd in seniority, the Announcement was made in the "Dziennik Personalny Nr 1, Rok X, Warsaw 4th January 1929.

    Plk Szuszkiewicz Gold Cross of Merit was announced in the "Dziennik Personalny Nr 15 Rok IX Warsaw 11th November 1928.

    Rocznik Oficerski 1932 no listing

    Rocznik Oficerski Rezerw (Reserve Officers Yearbook) 1934 List him on Pages: 335, 846.

    Pulkownik 1st January 1929 1st in seniority, living in Warsaw.

    Thats all that I could find other than that he died in 1979.

    I hope that the above is of some use and help to you

    Best wishes


    p.s. click on the photograph and report to enlarge in a new window.

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    Thank you very much Andrzej
    I have been wondering if he took part in IIWW and where is his grave.

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    He was my great grandfather and it is truth what's said above- thanks that I have found out some new facts abot him

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    Hello Clymes,
    Do you know what happened to him after he left 14 PU Jazlowieckich? Any other informations?

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    Personally I don't remember. He was a father of my grandfather that died when I was 8 but my grandmother (my grandfather's wife) mentioned him a few times. I can ask her if she remember more details. How urgently you need this information?
    Btw, may I ask, why do you collect these informations about him?

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    No rush, whenever you feel comfortable. But, if it is too personal for you, then don't provide any additional information. I respect other people's privacy

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    Atm I can tell you that he lived in Stanisławów - it was Polish city near Lwów (before the II WW), but now it lies on area that belongs to Ukraine. My mother has a pre-war book - I am not sure but it contains census from Polish areas and as I remember, I found him there (ofc based on my grandmother's words). Maybe it will be some clue for you. I may ask my grandmother for more details but I will visit her in about a month.

    Could you tell me why you gather these informations?

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    Oh, I forgot to tell you, that as I remember, my grandmother told me about a process called "parceling" due to, as a child, she moved to northern part of Poland. I Think that the same process was applied to my grandfather so probably my great grandfather left Stanisławów and settled with his children near my family sides.

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    Do you know what happened to Col. Szuszkiewicz after he left 14 Pulk Ulanow Jazlowieckich? Did he retired? Did he took part in II WW?
    I am looking for informations on him, because I have a souvenir given to him by ulans of 14 PU.

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