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Polish Defensive Grenade

Article about: Hi , Im interested about second war world. I have a question, that I dont know. Im interested about Obronny grenade. I need all posible information about this grenade, origin, manufacturi

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    The next question:

    Is posible to find a polish grenade of this type, in good conditions?, I would like to find a unit.

    Thanks in advance for the information.

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    Default Polish HGR Obronny?

    Polish Defensive GrenadeHi Gents here see mine?
    I guess it's Polish Obronny HGR?
    Thanks & Regards

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    Default Polish Obronny HGR?

    Polish Defensive Grenade
    P.S. Fuse looks a bit like this?
    Regards Germanski

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    The Body has "..." "1 under 2" 3 Dots and a "K"? any Idea Please
    Regards Germanski
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    According to Grzegorz Franczyk book „Polskie granaty 1919-1939" (Polish grenades 1919-1939), published in Krakow in 2010, wz.33 grenade was a modified version of the wz.23 grenade. It was used with the wz. GR31 fuse marked with the red stripe on the top (delay of 4-4,5 seconds). The grenade was painted with khaki paint.
    Grenades were marked on the body with letters indicating producers:
    K – Fabryka Maszyn I Odlewnia Metali Wladyslawa Klimka, Krakow
    B – unknown
    M – unknown
    W. (with dot) – Fabryka Maszyn I Narzedzi Rolniczych „Wolski I Spłka" Lublin

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    Thanks Tomasz! so "K" is Krakow,but 3 Dots in a Triangle?
    Thanks & Regards

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    K is rather for Klimek (owner of the factory). Dots mean hardness of the body - from 1 dot (softest) up to 4 dots (hardest).

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    Thanks Tomek!
    That's interesting,so ist's a Polish Grenade
    are they "rare" & how much are they worth?
    Dzienkuje Pozdrawiam!

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    Availability? You can buy them on the Polish auctionary website or dug out on the battlefield Yes, both answers are correct. If you check Polish aucrionary website you will see at least three offers presently (with bids starting from 1 PLN and reaching 129 PLN now - but definitively it is not a final price). The second option is more difficult since the law became more severe for illegal searchers...

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    Finally I got two pieces to a military collector, they are inert, empty and restored. I hope you like it

    Polish Defensive Grenade


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