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Polish Forced Labour Uniform

Article about: Attachment 552742 I have received an old photograph of my father, (on the left in this photo) who was arrested by the Germans as a youth in Wilno, Poland, (now Vilnius) and, as story has it,

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    Could it be "Wehrmacht Dolmetscher!? The white one with the black text.

    So the other armband looks like it maybe can be green/greenish compared to the black coat- So maybe a "Im dienst der sicherheitsPolizei" or "Polizei Dolmetscher on that one.
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    Quote by StefanM View Post
    I have a couple of evacuation/repatriation identity documents issued to Poles to leave Lithuania. This particular one is dated 22 February (Polish: Luty) 1945 to leave Vilinus, Lithuanian SSR:

    Attachment 699158

    Any idea why the "Wilno 1944" photo of your uncle and his young companion is also dated year 1952?
    Sorry, no idea why the two dates, although I am inclined to believe the 1944 date is more in line with the photo.

    Would it be a good idea to post any further comments on your main thread?

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