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Polish made mauser bayonets

Article about: This weekend I was exchanging mails with Tony and we spoke about Polish bayonets. It seems that there is no thread devoted to this topic. Well, I decided to write about this topic providing

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    Quote by kosa View Post
    My pleasyre Russ. The point is that in the Polish language markings, proofs and stamps don't really have specific names. They're rather descriptive like for example "Stempel odbioru. Litera p w owalu", which translates into English like "Acceptance stamp. Letter p in oval". That Sunburst is just acceptance stamp. I have lit on Polish bayos but don't remember to have seen any definition for the Sunburst stamp.


    Thanks again for the great info and clarification Brother.

    All the Best,

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    Can anyone who was part of this thread give me any opinion on this bayonet. Supposedly a Wz.29, but from what i have read whether i am taking in the information correctly or not, Wz.29s were exported versions other countries. Also the blade is parkerized however i am not sure to what extent it matches the expected coloring.

    Polish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonets

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    Man, good question. The problem with bayonets is there is seldom a set rule of thumb one can go by. I have never read anything regarding WZ29 being a Export Bayo. Most blades that I have seen were nearly always reverse of yours in that the hilt was blued and the blade bright. I know I'm being absolutely no help here. Is there any corrosion under the bluing/parkerizing? Most cases I've seen of German reissue WZ's is that ALL METAL was coated either blue or parkerized.

    Sorry for the lack of info. Think I'm going to educated as well.

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    My apologies, the information was not completely correct, it is supposedly a Wz. 22/29, but however i'm cant find much information regarding anything like this. Im not beyond the idea of it being a German re issue, however original and not re issues are what i really after.

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    Well I can say this with some degree of certainty and that is, it is NOT in any fashion a WZ-22 or any part there of. The WZ-22's blade looks so much like a Austrian M95 just that the blade of coarse is reversed as in edge up. Now as to it being a WZ-29, I would say that is it. What are the measurements, like of the Muzzle Ring?

    This site (Bagnet polski wz.29) is in Polish but you can look at the info given and tell what is what as in OAL, muzzle ring, blade height, thickness etc.

    It is not beyond me to pull the grips off and look at the tang. If the tang is blackened then I would say it's a reissue and the finish on the hilt exposed metal is just worn. I use to work as a weapons tech and was involved in the restoration of firearms, machine guns, and cutlery to be displayed in museums. I don't recommend that someone start disassembling things unless they have the correct tools to work with and have a real good feel of tools and how to use them. I am now a turbine mechanic so I still have a high degree of touch and feel.

    If you look at my post back on page 4 you will see my WZ-22. It was a reissue and all blade/tang surfaces are blackened. The WZ-28 is also a reissue and Blackened through out as well to include the flashguard.

    Without actually seeing yours I really would be hard pressed to tell you what it is. All I can say is read all that you can find and make your own decision as to it's condition. Wish I could say it's black or white but I can't. I can guess it was a blackened/blued WZ-29 w/Muzzle Ring still intact and no Flash Guard. After reading about the Polish bayo's for the last 15 years and looking a ton of pics I go back to what I said about there being NO SET quality control to the reissue piece's of any country. I have a KS98 with the actual Crown/13, made by E&F Horster in a high polish steel finish and Stag grips so it's an anomaly in it's own right.

    Does it appear that the hilt was blackened at one time?

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    Default Please help I.d. perkun bayonet and value.

    Polish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonetsPolish made mauser bayonets

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    Default A little late, but. . .

    . . .still very impressed with this thread. Great information. Excellent, clear photography and interesting dialogue. I learned much.

    I have always been impressed with the Polish efforts in WWII. From the excellent pilots who joined the RAF to those at Monte Casino, Market Garden and the brave souls of the resistance movements - Wow. Brave and very proud patriots all.

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