Thankyou for all the replies

I now have the link kindly provided by Cenowski which mentions Operational Group Bielsko but now I also found this:

Army "Cracow"

The commander - Maj.-Gen. Anthony Szylling

Chief of Staff: Colonel. Stanislaw Wiloch

Creation date: 23 March 1939
Stationing place: Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland West
Tasks: defense industrial region of Upper Silesia and Malopolska western
Ingredients: 7 infantry divisions, 1 mountain infantry brigade, one motorized cavalry brigade, 1 cavalry brigade, 79 battalions, 30 squadrons, 472 runs, 90 tanks, 2 armored trains, 44 aircraft

The organization of the Army "Cracow":

Chief of Staff - Lieutenant Colonel. Wladyslaw Krawczyk 21st ◦ Mountain Infantry Division

I wonder if this could be the same Wladyslaw Krawczyk as the in Operational Group Bielsko

I found this here http://www.wrzesien39.za.pl/armie/wo...kie/krakow.php