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Polish soldier photos

Article about: Please post photos of Polish soldiers

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    I think you mean the picture of German pows right?That looks like a local defense unit and they had all Polish gear but a mix of Polish,Russian and French rifles and bayonets and ive also heard of Mexican and Japenese rifles being used but im not sure.The same with the picture of the 2 border guard soldiers and the dog they had a mix of fire arms

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    Hi 3MK,

    Thanks for your reaction.

    I actually meant the border guards. The rifle the guard in front is holding looks like a Mosin Nagant, but shorter with a knife bayonet. That is unusual, I think.

    Did Poland modify these rifles?


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    Hi Emile,

    Yes, you're right. It´s polish modified Mosin rifle with polish wz. 24 knife bayonet. The rifle was shortened and modified for 7,92 mm Mauser ammunition.


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    here are a few more from Pre-war/1939:

    Pope John Paul II!

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    Nice photos PolPara
    the reason why i thought meant you the German Pow picture is because the Polish guards look like they have moisin bayonets

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