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Polish "Szabla" Wz.1934

Article about: Hi guys, I acquired this sword last week from an estate. The previous owner had liberally slathered the piece with cosmoline. It was messy but it kept the blade in great shape. Does anyone k

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    Piwo: Nice catalog piece. The sabre is now up on eBay, if anyone is interested. Search "szabla".

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    Here are a few pics of my private purchase wz 34 officers ludwikowka. Bought from a very old collection its part of a number of 34's i own. It feels weighs balances exactly like my others one of which is a purchase from a well known moderator.Attachment 1156019Attachment 1156020Attachment 1156021Attachment 1156022Attachment 1156023Attachment 1156024Attachment 1156025Attachment 1156026

    It has the matching serial number on the scabbard, but doesnt have the other markings. Im 100% certain this is not a fake or copy

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    I regret to say that this is a fake!
    It's hard to believe some of the collectors have fake’s. Please compare the numbers with the original.
    I am very sorry to say the bad news!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish "Szabla"  Wz.1934  

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    Pavo where are these pictures of numbers from ? A book ?

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    Pavo, first off, welcome to the forum. In addition to Krakow's question, aside from the example circled in red it's unclear if any of the other examples pictured are being cites as fake. Can you clarify?

    Thanks in advance,
    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

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    Some numbers are from my swords, the other from Internet

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    After analyzing more than 500 wz.34 numbers for me this is all clear.

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    Jan Januszek - blog rekonstrukcyjny -

    I recommend you to read the publication of my friend and most important teacher!

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    Default Good website.

    Hello Everyone

    I recommend this website:

    Jan Januszek - blog rekonstrukcyjny -

    Ps.:Only Polish language.

    Seasons Greetings to ALL


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