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Article about: 1933 , szkola podchorazych rezerwy artylerji

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    Default Swiadectwo

    1933 , szkola podchorazych rezerwy artylerji
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    and ksiazeczka wojskowa

    help please to translate !
    THANK YOU !!!
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    Książeczka wojskowa - Standard soldier's service book, version used in 30's.
    District of the recruitment office – Lodz-City II,
    Size of the gas mask – medium (when enlisted), medium (when released),
    Surname: Galewski
    Name: Dawid, Mendel
    Parents’ names: Chaim, Mendla
    Born on 12 June 1907 in Lodz (Łódź)
    Native language: Jewish
    Nationality: Jewish
    Religion: Mosaic
    Hair: dark
    Growth: 176 cm
    Eyes: Black
    Eyebrows: Dark
    Lips: Proportional
    Nose: Proportional
    Face: longitudinal
    Chin: round
    Civilian education: secondary school certificate in Lodz, 1928. Gdansk University of Technology in 1932, Building Dpt.
    Profession: Engineer
    Rank: (no reference in English) something like “cadet master corporal”
    Military specialty: without specialty (platoon commander).

    Then you can find info about changes of place of residence. Last note concerns registry in Jerusalem in 1934

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    Tomasz, thank you very much !

    " Religion: Mosaic "

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    Religion and culture: Matters relative to Moses, the Biblical Hebrew leader and prophet
    "Mosaic religion", an obsolete synonym for Judaism
    Mosaic law relating to the laws of Moses
    Mosaic (church), pastored by Erwin McManus, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
    Cultural mosaic, the co-existence of ethnic groups, languages and cultures within Canada
    An alternative term, used by the Barna Research Group, for what is popularly called the Millennial Generation—see George Barna

    It is clearly stated in the soldier's book - religion: mosaic (not hebrew, jewish etc.)


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