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Virtuti Militari Thread

Article about: Hi.It's a virtuti militari thread so I'm just curious.Is that original Polish armed forces in the West virtuti with engraved 1944 date on the back? Cheers.

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    thanks a lot!!

    happy hollidays to all!! Michiel

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    Photo from Internet - Admiral Honda Tikatami
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just thought that I would share this photograph, of one of the NCO Recipients of the Virtuti Militari Gold Cross Numbered 6, Silver Cross Numbered 1045.

    Sierzant Stanislaw Jakubowicz 56PP.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sierzant Stanislaw Jakubowicz 56pp VM Gold Cross Nr 6 Silver Cross Nr 1045 - Copy.jpg 
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    The above photograph also appeared in the Zolnierz Wielkopolski z Ilustracjami (Soldiers of Greater Poland) issue 6 1923

    Best wishes


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    I am a new member leaving in the South of France. I found this Website looking for some information about the Virtuti Militari Order.
    I received recently some medals from my family. In those medals were a Virtuti Militari Cross with the number 4 431 (pictures attached). I don't know to whom the cross was awarded ! Is it possible to find the name with the number ? The same soldier was also awarded the Cross for Valor 1920 with number 20 520 and the Cross for Polish Independance.

    Could you help ?

    Best regards from France.

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    Hello Deco06,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, the Virtuti Militari Silver Cross Numbered: 4431 was awarded to:

    Rank: Porucznik (Lieutenant)

    Surname: SOBECKI

    Christian Name: JAN

    Unit: Kowienski Rifle Regiment.

    I will let you know if I find any more information

    Best wishes


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    Hello Georges,

    Jan Sobecki was born on the 28th December 1898, during the 1918-1921 War he served with the 77 Pulk Piechoty (Infantry Regiment), he was 1/19 members of the Regiment awarded the Virtuti Militari.

    From the Rocznik Oficerski (Officers Yearbook) 1923. 1924. I can also confirm that he was awarded the Krzyz Walecznych (Cross of Valour) once, he was promoted to Kapitan (Captain) on the 1st June 1919, whilst serving with the 77pp he was in command of the 8th Company.

    He does not appear in the Rocznik Oficerski in 1928 or 1932 but then appears in the 1934 Reserve Officers Yearbook, living in Warsaw but now a Reserve Officer serving in 3 Dywizjonu Samochodonego .

    Your best bet would be to write to the Polish Army Records Centre in Rembertow, Warszawa, to ask if they could provide you with a copy of his Service Record.

    I also found on Google Books a reference to a Major Jan Sobecki in 1940 in France Commanding Officer of the Armoured Company that was to be sent to Finland, but never went because the Russians invaded Finland.

    Unfortunately that is all that I could find for you, I hope that the little information that I have provided is of some use and help.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you very very much Andrzejku for this information which is of great importance for me. You can't imagine how pride I am to have these medals at the time where we are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first World war.
    I will ask my family if Jan Sobecki was a member or not. I know that a part of my relatives is coming from the region of BELTZ which I think is now on the border between Poland and Ukraine. I will let you know.

    But never mind I am absolutly glad by these news. It is really a happy day !

    Very kind regards, Georges.

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    Hello again,

    Andrzejku , I read that several Virtuti Military Cross types are existing (several manufacturers). Do you think this one is a pre-war Krupski & Matulewicz pattern. The cross is genuine although I found on an other Web site that original ones would be in solid silver and issued by the Warsaw mint. My Cross is bronze silvered.... A replacement Cross ?

    Thank you again for your precious information.

    Kind regards, Georges.

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    Hello Georges,

    I have found the original listing for Porucznik Sobecki Virtuti Award in Dziennik Personalny Rok 3 (Year 3) Issue 2 dated 18th February 1922 second page numbered 102.

    Entry is as follows:

    Por. Sobeckiemu Janowi 77pp. 4431

    Georges there is no dispute that your cross in original, when the Polish Government decided to award contracts for the production of the Virtuti Militari and Cross of Valour they invited quotes then selected the lowest.

    Solid silver crosses where awarded to Foreign Recipients no expense spared, but unless you had the money to purchase a solid silver one you made do with what was issued. But bearing in mind that Official Military Orders required the wearing of the Cross on Military Uniforms then regular wear would necessitate a private purchase from one of the well known Jewellers e.g. Krupski i Matulewicz, Jan Knedler, etc.

    That was the easy thing with a Legitymacja you could place an order with a Jeweller.

    I can not place my hands on my Virtuti Militari book at the moment, perhaps Tony or one of the other members of the forum could say if it is a KiM piece.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Andrzejku,

    Thank you for the explanation. It's the same in every country. Depending if you have enough money, you can buy a more luxury medal / order. For example, you can find several French Military Medal models in solid silver, silvered bronze, cheap metal, ...

    I will wait for the manufacturer identification. i have time enough ! It's only to have a full patern.

    Kind regards, Georges.

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