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Virtuti Militari Thread

Article about: Hi.It's a virtuti militari thread so I'm just curious.Is that original Polish armed forces in the West virtuti with engraved 1944 date on the back? Cheers.

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    Général de brigade Jean Vidalon, commander 1 Dywizja Strzelców Polskich in France 2nd of September 1918 – 21st of March 1919
    I would like to show you his Virtuti Militari number 6057 (most rare VM 5th class with silver) and Cross of Valour 36252

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    Hello Marynarz,

    Many thanks for your post they are great items, many thanks for sharing them with us, let us hope that some other members of the Forum may also post other VM's & KW's to Foreign Personnel.

    Once again many thanks

    Best wishes


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    Question Medal Identification of a Monte Cassino veteran

    Hello Andrzejku98 and all participants of the Monte Cassino thread. I must say this discussion group is quite a find. Thank you to the Moderators for allowing me to join. My dad was at Monte Cassino and was a recipient of the Monte Cassino and quite a few other medals, crosses, citations etc. I'm currently creating a tribute page to my parents on my website and have now come to the task of identifying his awards - I've discovered most of decorations (and this wesbite) via googling and the rest - but I have a picture of all his medals and there are gaps. I'm uploading an image and would ask for help in identifying the items and confirmation that I have got the ones I think I've identified as being correct.
    So far :
    Top Row - Virtuti Miliatri, Polonia Restituta, Cross of Valour, Cross of Merit, Army Medal 1939-45, Monte Cassino, Spetember 1939 Campign, (unidentified)
    Second Row - War of 1939 Medal (partially hidden by cap), Cross of Polish Forces in the West with Monte Cassino bar, the rest of this row unknown
    Third Row - Italy Star, French/German Star, British Defence Medal, British War Medal, the rest of the row unknown.
    Unfortunately, my father willed his medals and subsequent paperwork to the War Museum in Krakow so we do not have much in the way of provenance except images. He was alao the recipient of two 'wounds' stars having half of his head blown off at Monte Cassino and a perfect bullet hole in this ear which my sister and I spent many hours threading ribbons through, little realising what torture scar tissue provikes when touched. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Name:	AA_Ojcu_Medals.jpg 
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    Hello Hanka,

    May I be the first to welcome you to the War Relics Forum, many thanks for posting your Father's awards, I hope that you do not mind me numbering them so that other members can identify what I can not:

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Name:	Hankas Fathers Medals (2).jpg 
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    Click the photograph to enlarge in a new page


    1) Silver Cross of the Virtuti Militari

    2) Knights Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta

    3) Cross of Valour (1939-1945 would have had a different ribbon Name:  KW ribbon.gif
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    4) Gold Cross of Merit

    5) Army Medal

    6) Commemorative Cross of Monte Cassino

    7) September 1939 Campaign Cross

    8) 50 Years of Marriage Medal

    9) Medal for the September 1939 War

    10) Combattants Cross

    11) National Treasury Medal (awarded in 3 grades Gold/Silver/Bronze)

    12) Polish Falcon Association in Great Britain Medal of Merit

    13) Polish Falcon Association Medal



    16) 30th Anniversary of the 5th Kresowa Division Cross

    17) The British Italy Star

    18) The British France and Germany Star

    19) The British 1939-1945 Defence Medal

    20) The British 1939-1945 War Medal

    21) 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino Medal



    So Hanka there are only Number's 15,16, 22,23, to identify for you hopefully some one will chip in with the information for you.

    I sincerely hope that the above information is of some use and help to you Hanka

    Best wishes


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    Hello Hanka,

    Andrzejku had done yeoman's work yet again. It's unfortunate that you do not have direct access to your father's awards. To help ID the remaining medals we'd need close up pictures of the obverse and reverse sides. It would also be good to see close ups of the Virtuti Militari and Cross of Valour. Those two are of particular interest to most of the members here. Have you considered contacting the War Museum in Krakow? They should hopefully be able to identify the four remaining medals. And while you're at it you may want to check up on the whereabouts of your father's grouping. Hopefully they have it out on display, as is befitting of a Virtuti Militari decorated veteran.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Thank you Andrzej for your swift response and assistance - I had managed to identify most of them but the 50 years marriage was one I had certainly not come across. Also you have helped with nos. 12 & 16 which was another query. No. 18 is the real puzzle, well it was until I remembered something from the recesses of my childish mind - I heard Dad once recounting that he had been given the wrong medal and being him he was highly amused by it - as he could not have been in Italy (and there he most certainly was!) and France & Germany at the same time - so I'm guessing he should have been awarded the 39-45 cross instead. Makes it a nice little memory knowing he was given the wrong medal rather than leading a secret life! Can I just query the two Monte Cassino Medals I know no. 21 is the ZHP commemorative version but isn't no. 6 a real rather than commemorative medal? My father also had two 'wound' stars - I'll attach an image of his ribbons aken in 1993. By Polish Falcon I presume this is the tranlsation for 'Sokol'? Lastly could you give me the link to the Sikorski records page, or can one only apply for information by post. Very many thanks again - Hanka
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Name:	AA_Mama_Ojcu_1993_red.jpg 
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    Thank you Tony - we have family in Krakow and Zawoja and our cousin arranged for a full military internment in Zawoja which has a lovely tradition of the schoolchildren being tasked and having the responsibility of keeping the graveyard tidy and spruced up for as long as they are being educated so there is a continuous flow of remembrance. I'll get Slawek to have a look into the Museum situation with the specific intention of finding out the two points you mention. As it was Dad's request for his papers and medals to go there, there is little we could do, and would not have wanted to go against his wishes. However now that I have finally retired and retrained as a web-designer, I can pay my own tribute to both families (my husband's father also served) and hopefully do them proud. Best wishes

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    Hello Hanka,

    Many thanks for posting the photograph of your Fathers ribbon bars, clearly seen are the British 1939-1945 and the Africa Star.

    The PISM is located here just click on the link PISM Home Page

    They do charge with no guarantee that they will find anything in a 2 hour search, everything is explained on their website.

    Also the British Ministry of Defence will have your Fathers service record has the 2nd Corps was under the command of the 8th Army, they also charge everything is explained here on their website just click on the link

    Best wishes


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    Hello Hanka,

    With regards to your Fathers medals Numbers 6 & 21, the correct naming of they is as follows:

    6) Odznaka Pamiatkowa Krzyz Pamiatkowy Monte Cassino (the Commemorative Cross of Monte Cassino)

    21) Medal pamiatkowy na 25-lecie bitwy pod Monte Cassino (Commemorative Medal of the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino).

    Best wishes


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    I would like to show you first page from my calendar and the cover. Every month I will add one page on Warrelics forum. The calendar includes six pages with Cross of Valour (odd months) and six pages with a Virtuti Militari Cross (even months). All calendars were sold in Nov/Dec 2016

    Kind regards
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