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1939-1945 Star

Article about: Good or bad ? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default 1939-1945 Star

    Good or bad ?
    1939-1945 Star1939-1945 Star1939-1945 Star1939-1945 Star

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    Looks to be ok

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    Agreed with Mr. kradman. No problems with the cross. Good natural patina, and it appears to be suspended from its period issue ribbon. One characteristic to watch for when picking out original issue stars is the diameter of ribbon ring to be smaller than the inner ring of the center of the star. Later issues have a larger diameter ring.

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    good one.

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    Thanks for replys and how much i can give for star? its on auction

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    I pay 8 $

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    Love the patina ,I paid 8 for mine, cheers Paul

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    Are these copied or is it just that the later issued Stars are cheap looking?


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    Yes they do copy ones

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