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1st krechowiki Lancers

Article about: hello to everybody, I'm starting my visit here with a request for help. I'm researching my grandads military history. He was polish and I was born and brought up in the uk. I am applying for

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    Just a quick update, military records applied for, so I await delivery. Will update when they arrive.



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    Hello again, I have been busy continuing in my reserch. I contacted a London based group who reaserch the Home army. They sent me various details on my grandad. So I can fill in some of his life.
    We know he fought in the September campaign until capture.
    Then I don't know where he went, then in 1942 he was a prisoner at Murnau VII-A Oflag until 29 April 1945 when the camp was liberated by the U.S 12th armourd division. Then in 10/7/45 he was incorporated into the II korpus.

    So I'm still awaiting his military records which may fill in some gaps.
    I also have a handwritten cv from my grandad (yet to be translated) and a letter from Zygmunt Podhorski awarding him the silver cross of merit with swords for service in the pow camp, it keeps mentioning the 'conspiracy tasks in the prison camp' and 'work underground' does anybody know what this entailed?

    Thank you and happy Christmas


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    Hello guys.
    I managed to find the info that Kazimierz Wierzbiański born on 1 June 1914 was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lt. in the active service of the Cavalry Corps with seniority (‘starszeństwo’) of the rank since 1 October 1938 placing him in the 1st position (‘lokata’) within this promotion. This would explain him receiving the sabre from Marshal Rydz-Śmigły as the best graduate so I guess it is very likely it may be him on the graduation ceremony pic with Rydz-Śmigły. Following the promotion he began his service with the 1st ‘Krechowiecki’ Lancers Regiment. According to the wartime mobilisation plan on 23 March 1939 he served with this unit as the platoon commander within the 3rd squadron. After taking part in the 1939 Defensive War with the 1st Lancers, 2nd Lt. Wierzbiański was taken prisoner. He received the POW no. 32 871 and was sent to the Oflag VII A Murnau.
    The only additional info on your Granddad’s post-war service I found is that around 1946 in Osimo, Italy, he had an Italian sweetheart Maria Vici, a sister-in-law of another 1st Lancers officer, Lt. Antoni Kaczorowski. The third sister was in turn a girlfriend of 2nd Lt. Bolesław Kukiełka of the 2nd squadron. All three sisters were gorgeous girls as Bolesław Kukiełka described them years later. No wonder why Krechowieccy officers preferred the Vici sisters’ kind company.

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    Thank you for your reply Thomas
    The documentation I have only shows him being in Marnau from 1942, but I have no info from the September camping until 42 so that would explain the gap, he was then reincorporated into the II korpus 10/7/45 then I have a gap until 28/7/46 on where he was sent to Bruntingthorpe in the uk? So I was wondering, I know the Krechowieki lancers were fighting through Italy, was he sent there after his liberation? He always mentioned Italy and had a watch he said he got there.
    The news of a sweetheart is new to us, where did you find this information? As it's very interesting.

    He also always said he was in charge of 5 sherman tanks? Would this have been during the later 45/46 period?

    I'm still awaiting his military records but a letter from the home army research centre in London said during his stay in murnau he was awarded the silver merit medal with swords due to "underground action as chief internal switchboard, under German repression"

    Thank you for your help, so many questions...


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    Hi Chris,
    The information on the sweetheart comes from Lt Col Bolesław Jan Kukiełka's memoirs. Sadly he passed away in 2005 so it's impossible to get any specific info, unless you find another 'Krechowiecki' officer who used to know your Granddad. I'd suggest asking Mr Andrzej Suchcitz of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London for help in this matter. I guess he knows the 1st Lancers veterans very well as the author of a monograph on the 1st Lancers from 1941 to 1947.


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    Hi all, well I have not got my packs back from the polish section of RAF northholt and the polish home army.
    It would appear my grandad had quite a life. I will give you a general overview here.

    Regular service from 20/9/35 with the 1st Krechowieki lancers, 2nd lieutenant 1938, fought September campaign 1939, taken pow but escaped and made his way to Warszaza and joined the underground army. Arrested 9/11/39 and sent to stalag Xiii in Nuremberg, then to oflag VII C Laufen, he was then sent to oflag VII A Murnau, he was here from 21/5/40 until liberation by the Americans on 28/4/45. He then transferred to Italy and joined the 1st Krechowieki lancers, 2nd warszawska armoured division. Served then until 1946 then joined the PRC before he relinquishedhis commission on 13/5/49.

    I have also made a contact who is arranging a reunion of pow's and relatives from Murnau in April (70th anniversary) and myself and my dad are going over to Germany to take part. The camp is now a German army camp.

    Interestingly he never claimed his 39-45 war medal, so hopefully we will receive that soon.

    Thank you all for your help on my journey so far.

    Chris Wierzbianski

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