This signed 10-shilling note, called a "short snorter," belonged to an American pilot who flew with the 94th Fighter Squadron of the 1st Fighter Group. The airman was Clifford D. Molzahn and the note dates between late June 1942 and late August 1942, when the squadron was based at Kirton-in-Lindsey. At this time, the famed 303 Squadron (Polish) was assigned to the airfield and contributed much to the training of the American pilots.

On the back of the note, along the margin, is Lt. Molzahn's name. Signing down the length of it are the following:

Richard W. McWherter (94th FS)
Robert D. Neale Jr. (94th FS)
Lewis C. Murdock (94th FS)
Donald O. Starbuck (94th FS)
William H. Wilson (94th FS)
Glen E. Hubbard (94th FS)
Earle W. Hille Jr. (94th FS)
Jack M. Ilfrey (94th FS)
James K. Smith (94th FS)
James Harman (94th FS)
Newell O. Roberts (94th FS)
Jerzy Hamankiewicz (303 Sqdn)
Bruno J Virgili (94th FS)
Eugeniusz Horbaczewski (303 Sqdn)
Zygmunt Bienkowski (303 Sqdn)

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On the front of the note are most of the signatures of the men from 303 Squadron...

Jan Zumbach (303 Sqdn)
R.E Williams (94th FS)
Zbigniew Wojda (303 Sqdn)
Antoni Glowacki (303 Sqdn)
Longin Majewski (303 Sqdn)
Zygmunt Wodecki (303 Sqdn)
Czeslaw Mroczyk (303 Sqdn)
Unknown (303 Sqdn?)
Tadeusz Powierza (303 Sqdn)
G. Gwizdalski (303 Sqdn)
Unknown (303 Sqdn?)
M.H. Andrews (94th FS)
Tadeusz Kolecki (303 Sqdn)
Boleslaw Drobinski (303 Sqdn)
Clarence R. Rimke (94th FS)
Unknown (diagonally along side of note)

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Can any of the forum members help identify these "unknown" men? I have thoroughly searched the Internet for lists of pilots from the squadron, looked through mission reports, and accessed photo collections. Part of my problem in searching for these men is reading the handwriting. Perhaps those members who read or write Polish can offer suggestions as to what the names might be.

Here are the three signers I cannot identify...

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