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3DSK Service Dress

Article about: Hi, friend of friend has 3DSK Service Dress for sell; I was told it is after combatant. Can you tell me more about that dress, badges Ö? I want to buy it, but I donít know how much it is wor

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    Yes, it sure is. One exampel is my grandfathers american war aid BD. He never altered it in any way, shape or form. Since american made tunics were of much better quality there was no need to make it look even better. I have seen a lot of photos from Italy were soldiers used original tunics without any alterations. Perhaps we should be more careful with throwing percentages around

    Right. That's all I'm saying. There are a lot of people who read these threads who never post and we need to be mindful that sweeping generalizations can have a ripple effect that we do not intend.

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    Not to much to discuss here. Best case scenario is an inaccurate attempt as a vet’s recreation, but more likely just another in an endless stream of recent stitch-ups using an unissued wartime BD. The Poland titles are definitely reproductions – and weak ones at that. The 3DSK “choinkas” are not genuine WW2 issue, and by default I would say the 2nd Corp mermaids are also repro. Michal correctly notes the wrong application of the insignia, and that the majority of surviving vet’s BD tunics were “best” custom tailored with opened collars (we won’t get into percentages :-) ). The 3DSK HQ collar badges look OK, likely mounted to repro tabs. The 3DSK badge in alpacca is also good.

    Mariusz, I would leave this one alone. I suspect the seller is under the impression that he has something that could generate a tidy sum of cash for him, so tell him what he has and wish him luck. Set your money aside and await a real BD. One will come along eventually.


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    Agree Mr. Moderator, but it IS very SPIFFY-looking, wouldn't you say???

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    Quote by IvanPutski View Post
    Agree Mr. Moderator, but it IS very SPIFFY-looking, wouldn't you say???
    Panie Ivan, Letís just say itís all in the eye of the beholder . . .


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    Thank you for your help, i will have to patiently wait for my first WWII uniform /BD, and hopefully one day I will get one. And with your help it is going to be real one.

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