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Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

Article about: yes Gary this is correct all three samples are from England and not Middle East will seek additional photos of the Middle East

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    [QUOTE=A.J. Zawadzki;1420060]That says it for me!


    And a "private auction " on top of that.

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    Hi gentlemen,

    I'm looking to purchase a Monte Cassino cross but obviously want to stay away from the fakes etc.
    I have seen the one below for sale cross no. 27480 can anyone confirm that this is an original?

    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

    Kind regards

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    Hi Stefan,

    No immediate red flags visible with this one. The ribbon is an original issue type.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Hello Stefan,

    The Monte Cassino Cross Numbered: 27480 was awarded to:

    Rank: Plutowny (Lance Sergeant)

    Surname: OSTROWSKI

    Christian Name:Bolesław

    Date of Birth: 1898

    Army Number (also found on His ID Tags) : 1898-31-III

    Unit: 6 Kompanii Zaopatrywania 6th Transport Company, 5KDP

    I could only find a marriage of a Boleslaw Ostrowski to a Maria Wypjewska in 1951 in Coventry in Warwickshire, but no guarentees if this is him.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you Tony, thought it looked okay but obviously very careful with Polska medals and Andrzej, outstanding as always, it was quoted as been awarded to a 6th Supply Company personnel.

    Kind regards

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    I would like to buy this helmet from a Dutch guy, but am not sure if it is a original:

    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?
    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?
    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?
    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

    I am looking forward for Your opinions

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    Forgot to show this picture:

    Auction items .. Good, Bad or Indifferent ?

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    The helmet may be an original British made WWII para helmet but that's about it.

    It most common to see very small sized helmets up for auction.......HINT: Never issued.

    The eagle on the front is totally incorrect and phantasy...........even war dated loners have been placed in post war shells with all sorts of Polish eagles panted on them or even "officers helmets" with metal polish caps eagles affixed to run run

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    I have seen a similar type painted eagle on a helmet that was in the Hartenstein Hotel Airbonre museum in Oosterbeek in Holland.

    The one in the Museum looked to be a post war "occupation" painted on eagle, possibly painted on during the 1 SBS tour of duty with the BAOR up till 1947.

    Seeing this one is for sale in Holland, my suspicions are that this one might have been "imaged" from the one in the Hartenstein.


    Gary J.

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    Gary, Thanks!
    It's pretty funny because after Your comment the seller removed the auction from the Dutch website...
    The world is probably much smaller then I expected

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