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The badges / decorations of our dreams !!! (Polish)

Article about: I would like to propose the new activity in our forum attaching pictures of the items of our dreams. Please let us know what are you dreaming on and we will try to attach pictures of it. Y

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    For me it's well known Combat Glider Badge ...


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    Quote by A.J. Zawadzki View Post
    And you're not the only one that would welcome one of these to our collections Here's an example that resides in the Sikorski Museum:

    Attachment 619050

    Attachment 619048

    Attachment 619049

    Attachment 619047

    Nice clear assay mark for Birmingham 1940/41. Do you have any idea who W & H the maker was?

    Thanks, Mark.

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    Walker and Hall - Sheffield

    Walker & Hall silversmiths: marks, history, information

    Gary J.

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    For me? It would be simply the Order of the Zahringer Lion..

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    I would like to see cyrk Skalskiego (Skalski circuss) badge anyone have photo?

    Best Regards

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    Go to Military Museum in Poznan ...

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    Hi Michal,

    With only 20 produced by Cairo based maker Puzan Minassian, the Skalski Circus badge is a worthy selection as a dream badge. The extreme rarity of the badge might also account for the lack of good images. These pics are taken from an old issue of Mundur i Bron magazine. Note the misspelling of Pilot Officer's Jan Kowalski's surname.

    The badges / decorations of our dreams !!! (Polish)

    The badges / decorations of our dreams !!! (Polish)

    The badges / decorations of our dreams !!! (Polish)

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