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The Battle of Monte Cassino 70th Anniversary commemorations

Article about: Thanks very much for the pics. I would have loved to have been there. Cheers, Ade.

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    Hello BasiaS,

    Many thanks for your email, it is nice to find a needle in a haystack once in a while.

    The PISM (Polish Institute and General Sikorski Museum) has on its web site, Documents one of which is Spis Rodzin Wojskowych Wywiezionych do Z.S.S.R. ( List of Families with Members serving in the Polish Armed Forces Deported to the U.S.S.R.) the List is dated 1944.

    Entry Nr 10484 (page 874):

    Serbinski Marian son of Jan aged 62, Zona: Paulina aged 56, Corka: Smorzewska Stanisl. Aged 30, syn: Zdzislaw Ogn.pdchr (Sergeant artillery Officer Cadet).

    This can be downloaded from the PISM website Document: KOL 138.

    I sincerely hope that you find this useful and informative.

    Best wishes


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    Hello BasiaS,

    I just thought that I would identify items of your Parents time in the 2nd Corps (I sincerely hope that you do not mind Basia):

    The Battle of Monte Cassino 70th Anniversary commemorations

    Item Nr:

    1) Legitymacja for the 5KDP Badge

    2) British Awards Legitymacja

    3) 5KDP Badge

    4) British Defence Medal

    5) 2nd Corps Badge worn on the Uniform sleeve

    6) SPK (Ex Combattants Association Badge)

    7) 2nd Corps Badge worn on the Uniform above the ribbon Bars

    8) 8th Army Honourary Badge

    9) Monte Cassino Cross

    10) Medal Wojsko (Army Medal awarded to both your Father and Mother)

    11) Cap Badge

    12) Your Mothers ID Tags

    13) Either the British 1939-1945 Star or the Italy Star.

    Best wishes


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    Can anyone tell me about this medallion? It has to with Monte Cassino - some kind of commemorative medallion?

    The Battle of Monte Cassino 70th Anniversary commemorations

    Thank you,

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    Hi Basia,

    Yes, it is a commemorative piece in the form of a traditional military gorget. The text around the perimeter appears to say "On the 10th Anniversary of the (Polish) 2nd Corps Victory in the Battle of Monte Cassino (followed by two words I can't quite discern) Gen. W. Anders".

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    Hello guys, a few pictures from me.

    Please click on this link it's a gallery on our FB profile:

    From main celebration:

    Pictures from visiting the monuments:


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