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Book project - krzyz walechnych

Article about: Dear members, I write this in the hope that I can gain some assistance from you all with regards this project and too be honest mammoth task. For those who don't know me I'm Adrian Nessel wh

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    Post Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Dear members,

    I write this in the hope that I can gain some assistance from you all with regards this project and too be honest mammoth task. For those who don't know me I'm Adrian Nessel who for many years have collected Polish Militaria. A number of years ago I decided to focus only on the aforementioned cross. Varients are of interest as are the recipients. The problem however is that the only good reference material on the subject is in Polish and for those who are not too confident with the language there are not too many other options. Further unlike the VM there is no formal list of recipients. So after much soul searching and following discussions with many, including your Moderators I've decided now is the time to begin this project properly.

    To do this requires commitment from me but I'm not the fountain of all knowledge and as I specialise in one thing I'm looking towards you all to assist. I would like this to be a team effort and eventualy I'll be able to produce a book in English containing historical information, varient information, award document information/varients, biographies and as complete a list as possible of recipients from the beginning through to end of WWII.

    I'm not discounting anything at this time but will probably not include PRL awards unless they are AK related. Well at least not in this book. Maybe something in the future but I can't say for now.

    To assist me I require names of recipients supported with documentary evidence. Pictures of these documents and crosses received etc. However if you think you can help with anything Krzyz Walechnych related please make a post and I'll be in touch with additional contact information so as not to clogg the site.

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Hello Adrian, and welcome aboard,

    It’s exciting to hear that your book project is getting of the ground at long last!

    Grzegorz Krogulec’s landmark 1998 book “Krzyz Waleczych” remains the go-to reference source. But as anyone who uses this book knows, it is in real need of updating and reorganization. My understanding is that such a revision was not being planned any time soon, so a new modern English language reference with clear images and hopefully in a more user friendly format is certainly welcome news. I expect that many members here will be as eager as I am to purchase a copy once it rolls of the presses.

    I am hopeful that this forum and the input of our members will prove helpful to you. I am suggesting that we use the existing threads devoted to the Cross of Valour for posting of items from each period of the crosses incarnation – located here:


    Exile Forces WW2:

    Soviet occupation People’s Army:

    Anyone that has any Underground Resistance items relating to this decoration is welcome to start a thread in that sub-forum.

    Regards and best wishes for your project,
    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Hello, an interesting and ambitious project you've undertaken, I wish you well!
    If your concerned about English translation or comprehension you might want to clarify which kind of cross of valor you are looking for. If it's related to "Underground Resistance" please indicate this and how to identify the decoration to those who are not knowing! My uncle received a Bronze 'krzyz' in Italy which almost prompted me to send some info until reading Underground Resistance in the 1st reply. If you want specific data please indicate "Underground Resistance" for the non Polish reading/speaking members of this site.

    Respectfully and best regards

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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Hi Chris,

    If I may answer on Adrian’s behalf, he is not only after underground issue crosses. The book will be devoted to the study of all crosses issued during the pre–war 2nd Republic period, WW2 exile armed forces, and the underground resistance.

    One of the objectives of the book is to identify and catalogue which particular type of cross accompanied a specific document type at a given time. So if you know for certain that the cross awarded to your uncle is the original cross he was presented with and have the original award document along with the date and manner in which he received his cross then this is exactly the type of information needed. Ideally, there should be some sort of supporting evidence such as a photograph of your uncle wearing the cross to verify that it is the original issue.

    Adrian will hopefully chime in with additional clarification.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Thanks for clearing that up Tony.

    With that in mind I did inquire of PSIM last year regarding the circumstances of my uncle receiving the Bronze 'krzyz' but they had no information. It was explained to me by a researcher at Kresy-Siberia that citations for these decorations are next to impossible to obtain, were rarley issued and that the only referance might be a side notation in a unit log which are even harder to come by. If this is not entirely true someone please enlighten me.

    I did learn from other unrelated documents of it's date of issue (Aug 21/44) and have a picture of him recieving it. I believe the cross is still in possession of the family but that's all (still waiting on RAF Northolt). Would like to submit to this project but the criteria sounds pretty daunting.


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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Hello Chris,

    Having read what Tony has to say he pretty mush covers it. However if I just add a bit more. This is a major task. A list with all recipients from 1920 to 1947 or thereabouts. Now this list will never be complete but I'll have a good go and I'm confident that at least for the WWII period it will be as good as one can expect. This task alone will take me to records and archives both in Poland and the UK to get the material and there's no guarantee it'll be there when I get there. Then there's the history, cross and document varients to consider. I'll take everything, the more the better as that's the way I'll be able to make comparisons and form opinions based on fact not speculation. This project needs to be evidence based otherwise it will be no better than so many other books which are out there.

    Your involvement would be as Tony says if your uncles cross and document are available, to send me some pics or initially post them on the forum and if I require more information I'll get back in touch. Eventually I'll be able to show the even within the same Units etc, docs varied, as did the crosses awarded. There's just so much out there saying one thing without suppporting evidence which is taken as gospel.

    Likewise if you know other collectors or have other Polish connections who could assist speak with them and bring them on board. All material used in the book will be credited.

    Hopefully this assists you.

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Book project - krzyz walechnych

    Thanks Adrian. Please contact me privately so I can send some scans of what I have.

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