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Article about: Hi all, My partial reference book list which I have limited to English language editions only. It is a mix of out-of-print and more recent — Cazalet, V.A., With Sikorski to Russia, Lon

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    Another recommendation for 2nd Polish Corps collectors

    RAMIE PANCERNE 2 Polskiego Korpusu. (or The Armoured Arm of the 2nd Polish Corps) Published in Rome 1946 by Referat Kulturyi Prasy 2 Warszawskiej Dywizji Pancernej. Text by Michał Siemiradzki, includes several hundred photographs by T. Szumański (offical war photographer with the Polish 2nd Armoured Division), the cover graphics and inner photomontages are all by the brilliant war-artist Stanisław Gliwa. This is now quite rare period photoalbum. Just over 2700 were printed in Polish and and edition of 1500 copies printed in English. There were at least two different bindings; one with an embossed cloth cover and one like the attachment a printed cover glued to heavy board back with a cloth spine.

    This is an English edition—though the cover text remained in Polish.
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    Generalowie Polski Niepodleglej
    By:Tadeausz Kryska-Karski and Stanislaw Zurakowski

    It lists all the Polish generals in the 2nd RP and the Polish forces in exile

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    Great thread dorava!

    Quote by 4thskorpion View Post
    Should the list be just English language books?
    Yes, I feel that for now it should as this forum does cater to the non-Polish speaking collectors and enthusiasts of Polish militaria and history.

    Heres a list (in no particular order) of some extra special books not yet mentioned. These have all left a strong and lasting impression on me. They truly are must reads and I cannot overstress their importance to anyone seeking a thorough understanding of Polish history during WW2:

    An Army in Exile: The Story of the Second Polish Corps
    Lt. General W. Anders
    Macmillan & Co.,, London, 1949.

    The Last of the War Horses
    General Klemens S. Rudnicki
    Bachman & Turner, London, 1974

    The Secret Army
    General Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski
    Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1950

    The Rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet Aggression
    Stanislaw Mikolajczyk
    Whittlesey House / McGraw Hill Book Company, New York and Toronto, 1948

    The Crime of Katyn: Facts and Documents
    Lt. General W. Anders

    In the Shadow of Katyn: Stalin's Terror
    Stanislaw Swianiewicz
    Borealis Pub, Pender Island BC Canada, 2002

    Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Seeds of Polish Resurrection
    Allen Paul
    US Naval Institute Press, 1997

    Poles Apart, The Polish Airborne at the Battle of Arnhem
    George F. Cholewczynski,
    Sarpedon, NY, 1993

    The Inhuman Land
    Jozef Czapski
    London : Chatto and Windus, 1951

    With The Tanks of the First Polish Armoured Division
    K. Jamar
    H L Smit Holland 1946

    Ill list some other important books later . . .
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    The Shortest way - Stanislaw Sosabowski - London 1957 (Polish)
    Parachute General - Stanislaw Sosabowski - 1958 (English Version)
    With the Red Devils at Arnhem - Marek Swiecicki - 1945 (English)

    Gary J.
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    Quote by Gary J View Post
    With the Red Devils at Arnhem - Marek Swiecicki - 1945 (English)
    Gary J.
    A brilliant little book

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    The Mask of Warriors: the Siege of Warsaw, September 1939 by Marta Korwin-Rhodes, Published by Libra Publishers, Inc., New York, [1964].

    Two Septembers, 1939 and 1940; a diary of events by Stephen Baley London, G. Allen & Unwin ltd [1941]

    Suffer little children. [The story of Polish children deported to Russia.] by Irena Wasilewska London, 1946.

    General Władysław Anders : soldier and leader of the free Poles in exile by Joanna Pyłat; Jan M Ciechanowski; Andrzej Suchcitz; Polish University in Exile (London, England); papers from the conference organised by the Polish University Abroad, London 15-16 June 2007a definite must read !
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    additional recommended literature!
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    And a new publication for children based on the life of Woytek the bear. Great for polish reading children, as well as preparing them to become the next collectors!!
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    Wasn't The Long Walk found to be a 'fake' memoir story?

    A great website for checking editions of books and what has been published etc (even Polish language) is the World Cat billed as The World's Largest Library Catalog.

    I find it an invaluable resource : The World's Largest Library Catalog

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    didnt hear that...would be interested to hear about it if so...
    It is a pretty incredible story

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