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Cichociemni (Polish SOE)

Article about: Dear members, I just joined, my name is Gianluca Vernole, I write from Casamassima, a town in Puglia, Italy. My country holds the oldest military cemetery of the 2nd Polish Corps for 5 years

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    Great thread about these fierce fighters, who hasnt gotten much attention (if any) post war until lately.

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    Help! I am seeking to find out about one of the items in my collection. Its a duplikat Legitymacja and badge with a pair of collar tags for Plut. GORCZYNSKI MIECZYSLAW the badge is numbered 1090 and in the Duplikat Legitymacja that came with it is s hown as number 654/1090 , the document is dated 12 v 42 and signed by gen. Kukial is there a way of checking it's authenticity, I don't have access to Jan Lory's excellent book . I am aware that sadly Plut. Gorczynski died on 8 July 1944 in the crash at Tinwell. I would appreciate your help. Thanks Frank Aniolkowski

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    If it was the set on Allegro about a week ago, I'm afraid to say that there seemed to be some serious problems with the whole group.
    ... The wing looked to be cast, the legitimajcia was the wrong colour, and did not have the HQ rubber stamp, and the collars had suspicious style of prongs .

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    Quote by trevbrown View Post
    Calling "Lubuska" and anyone related to Tadeusz Lubuska "Zamar" - I have some information relating to him and his family and invite you to get in touch with me.
    This is Lubuśka. Looks like my former account has been deleted.
    I just found your post. I tried to send a private message, but you seem to have blocked receiving them. If you read my reply, please try to contact me instead. Any information about my father's family will be precious to me.
    Thank you, again, for your post

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    I have tried to contact you but not sure if you received my email. Please respond to this or confirm if you received it.

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    Default orginal eagle polish soe


    Nice orginal eagle, owner was Jerzy Feliks Szymanski {Boga}.

    If someone have more information about this person please let my know .

    Cichociemni (Polish SOE)Cichociemni (Polish SOE)Cichociemni (Polish SOE)Cichociemni (Polish SOE)Cichociemni (Polish SOE)Cichociemni (Polish SOE)

    with regards Paul Aben

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    Hello itpj,

    May I be the first to welcome you to War Relics, Major dypl. Jerzy Feliks Szymanski, born the 27th September 1909 died 21st February 1995 in London.

    Thats all that I could find after a brief look through Kpt Jan Lorys Book and the Rocznik Oficerski, no doubt some of the other members of the Forum will reply with more information for you.

    But I must say a very nice purchase being Numbered: 0009

    Best wishes


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    Default CC info

    In the book Ciochociemni by Jedrzej Tucholski it lists him 8 times.

    With other pseudonyms Doktor Borkowski and as a CC rtm/mjr dypl

    Cichociemni (Polish SOE)

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    A documentary on U-Tube concerning the Chicociemni ....

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    Here is another picture from Rtm Medwicz Cavalry picture collection.

    This is Rotmistrz (Capt) Jan Kanty Maria Skrochowski, "Ostroga, "Spur", VM, Cross of Valor x 4, French Croix De Guerre. Died in a battle with NKVD troops August 1944 in Surkonty. Along with him died 2 other CC, Major Kalenkiewicz (Kotwicz), and Capt Cieplik "Hatrak".
    Rotmistrz Skrochowski won VM posthumously for Battle of Surkonty. He won a KW for French Campaign.Cichociemni (Polish SOE)

    Caption reads :
    Contest " Militari " Krakow's Cavalry Brigade, Krakow Zakrzowek, June 1939.
    Major Konstanty Kulagowski, Reserve Squadron commander and Lieut. Jan Skrochowski, commander of Anti-Tank Platoon.
    Above it says : 8th Ulan Regiment, Prince J. Poniatowski, Krakow.

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