I'm helping someone to try to discover information about her father Kazimerz Cieszewski dob 4 Oct 1925 in Warsaw and her uncle Tadeusz Cieszewski. She believes her father may have been at Monte Cassino but is not certain. Her father and uncle never discussed anything. Initial telephone enquiries at the MoD came up with nothing but they are sending her an application form. From your lists of recipients, can you tell me if Kazimierz Cieszewski was awarded the MC Cross?

I found on this site the name Tadeusz Cieszewski as a member of the Polish SOE in England 1942 - 44. Any further details about him?

Also she believes another brother, Stanislaw Cieszewski, was a Colonel in the Polish Army.

If anyone can help I would be grateful.

Ken Fedzin
Author - 'In Search of Staszewski'