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Diving Eagle with gold wreath

Article about: Polish badges (2)

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    Default Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    I have in my possession a Diving Eagle badge with a gold wreath that was issued to the 1st Independant Polish Parachute Brigade. It is unusual in that instead of numbers on the reverse of the wreath it has the word 'Duplikat'.

    I appreciate that estimating value has its pitfalls but perhaps someone could suggest a likely value in relation to one with numbers that I believe could be worth 1,000?

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Hi Ken, and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have a badge with a replacement combat wreath. This topic is covered here:

    My small WW2 polish badges collection - 1SBS

    If at all possible please post pictures of your badge.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Think this will work OK. I do have the threaded button to fix it on, its just not in either picture.

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Have long have you owned the badge ?

    In my opinion .....

    I have a suspicion that a geniune "unissued" combat wreath has been soldered to a reasonably modern Polish copy of an eagle here.
    .. There is too much "mess" on the back of the eagle, and the way the wreath has been applied does not seem to match the standard of the original application.


    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    I have only had it a few months but that is not really relevant. The Polish serviceman that was awarded the medals died in the 90s, his widow towards the end of last year which is how I came to have them.
    I say 'them' because there is a collection; if you search on Ebay for "Poland WW2 badges" you should come to five listings by 2Edmunds (that's me) that I put up yesterday. The interest and offers I have been made since has forced me to inquire as to their value, hence this posting. And by 'value', I mean as artefacts as well as monetary.

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Apparently Ken Pole has ended his auctions early, which is always an unfortunate jolt to those interested in bidding on the items offered.

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Yes I have ended the listings early as I was simply getting inundated with inquiries and offers that I discovered break ebay rules, I simply couldn't keep up.
    I am hoping to have the collection valued so I can decide what to do with it. I have an offer on the table to keep the collection together and in this country which appeals to me, and two other interested parties. I will also consider selling/loaning/donating to a museum if they are of particular importance. This is a long way outside my areas of expertise, perhaps forum moderators or members could suggest somewhere or someone that could provide advice on where best to have them valued and/or explain their relevance?
    Also, is it within the Forum rules for me to upload pictures so a discussion could ensue about their history, origins and possible value?

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Please go ahead and upload pictures of the items .....
    From the e-bay listings, I could see that there were at least three different Polish units displayed, .... with pictures here, I'm sure the members can sort out the groupings into their correct connections.


    Gary J.

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    Default Re: Diving Eagle with gold wreath

    Gary, thanks.
    I shall upload them in a while as 5 seperate items to make it easier to reply to.

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    Default Polish badges (1)

    I shall upload the five photographs seperately to remove possible confusion for replies.

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