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Documentary Sylwester (trailer) Flemish production.

Article about: New documentary made by Flemish producer. I looking forward to see the full docu!!

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    Default Documentary Sylwester (trailer) Flemish production.

    New documentary made by Flemish producer. I looking forward to see the full docu!!

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    Thanks for the heads up .

    Quoted from web source ,

    "Sylwester is the poetic documentary portrait of a Second World War veteran aged 95. He helped the allied troops to liberate vast swathes of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The film is a ‘slice of life’. The images of the war hero mingle with those of the quiet life of an old man in Sint-Gillis-Waas.
    From August to November is ‘high season’. A high season full up of remembrance ceremonies to which he, a war veteran, is invited. Whether the ceremony be in France, Belgium, the Netherlands of Poland, he always accepts the invitation, as an ambassador for all the fallen Polish soldiers, for Polish veterans who have put down roots further afield, and as an ambassador for Poland. As one of the last veterans, he helps keep alive the memory of what he and his brothers in arms did during the Second World War. Even though the ceremonies are getting harder and harder for him in terms of the physical challenges they present, they are nonetheless a happy alternative for an old man who, apart from contact with his family, his friends and carers, leads a calm and sheltered life in a small village in the Flemish countryside. A nurse comes to wash him, chats a little with him and cooks for him. Sylwester watches the television, exercises on his home trainer and spends the vast majority of his time alone. For eight months of the year, the days drag slowly by. But, when the high season arrives, his energy returns. As surprising as it may be and as horrible as war is, 70 years on, it is having a positive impact on him and giving his life purpose."

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    Quote by Pieter1942 View Post
    New documentary made by Flemish producer. I looking forward to see the full docu!!
    Thank you very much for this link. I didn't have it. Great !
    I know Sylwester, I meet him every year in Normandy.
    I have got picture from Sylwester, but I never manage to post on fourm... Tony Z, would you accept to post it if I send to you ?
    Best regard.

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    As per request of Ze-Pole:

    Portrait wartime photo of Mister Bardzinski in uniform:

    Documentary Sylwester (trailer) Flemish production.

    The following photo was taken in Holland, at Anna Jacobapolder on the peninsula of Sint-Philipsland, where his lieutenant, Prince Marie Andrzej Poniatowski, was killed on January 22, 1945. Mister Bardzinski was driver of the tank. The man on his right is Mister Guillaume de Louvencourt, a descendant of Prince Poniatiowski, and a wonderful man who donated money to make the movie possible along with other people passionate about preserving the historical record.

    Documentary Sylwester (trailer) Flemish production.


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    Great photographs .

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    Documentary Sylwester (trailer) Flemish production.

    TV OOST :: Begrafenis Poolse oudstrijder - 2/6/2015 - Nieuwsberichten

    This morning i heard that Sylwester is deceased on 26 may 2015. His funeral was on 2 june 2015.

    That he may rest in peace; Non Omnis Moriar!!

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