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General Sosabowski

Article about: Thanks Tony, is that a map case hanging down in front?

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    Default General Sosabowski

    I thought this page about Polish generals an interesting read.

    Having never been much of a Montgomery fan, I must say, that his treatment of Sosabowski and the Polish soldiers certainly didnt endear him to me any further.

    Especially considering how valiantly the Poles fought by sea, air and land during WWII.

    But I digress. Here the site:
    Polish Greatness (Blog): March 2012

    If this falls through the cracks, then just put this in Discussions

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    It is Britain's shame on how Polish Forces on the whole were treated come 1945.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    Agreed. Polish citizens, soldiers and their leaders must have been horrified and could only stand on the sidelines watching what happended.

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    It is Britain's shame on how Polish Forces on the whole were treated come 1945.

    Cheers, Ade.
    And even post war too. I visited England years ago and heard some shabby stories from my dad's vet friends who choose to stay and become British citizens after WW2. Plus wasn't there a snub to the Polish vets by the British government over a memorial erected in England?

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    A read about the whole debacle at Arnhem from the Polish perspective is 'Poles Apart: The Polish Airborne at the Battle of Arnhem' by George F. Cholewczynski

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    at the end of ww2 there were only 2 great powers left,and the USA would not listern to churchill,so we had no say in the matter.

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    Politics of war? Yes arnhem was a disaster, but that blog is quite heavily biased. I might write one on how the americans didnt help the uk in the falklands almost citing the monroe doctrine. How about the alabama incident? Or how the australians broke and ran in crete. Whose fault was dieppe, mountbatten, or the canadian high command who were desperate to prove their worth, or just to keep the troops busy and to stop the rampaging in the locale.
    It always makes interesting debate, whose to blame.

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    Ooh i forgot....
    Remember the Alamo...especially Travis...
    And remember the Maine!

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    Ooh i forgot....
    Remember the Alamo...especially Travis...
    And remember the Maine!
    And Lord North lost us the War of Independence.

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    There is a joint Polish-British conference in the planning stage to reassess the role of Gen. Sosabowski and the Polish paras during Market Garden... will update forum members when final details are ready to be released
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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    That sounds great! I sincerely hope (and assume), that they are vindicated.
    They deserve that. What an unjust and raw deal they got.
    Yes, please keep us updated.

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    Default Re: General Sosabowski

    Image of General Sosabowski’s battledress uniform taken from the Polish Army Museum site. The description notes: “this uniform was worn by Major General Sosabowski during the battle of Arnhem in 1944”.

    The beret is marked “A.&J. Gelfer, Glasgow 1943”. The 1937 pattern tunic has the familiar “kites” on the collar points with the metal parachutist badges, and also staff college eagles. The shoulder epaulettes have the rank insignia consisting the “wężyk generalski” (general’s zig-zag) made from aluminum, and next to this a single star. The parachute badge with combat wreath is mounted above the left breast pocket.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mundur polowy-generala-brygady-stanislawa-sosabowskiego a.jpg 
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Name:	mundur polowy-generala-brygady-stanislawa-sosabowskiego.jpg 
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ID:	401246  

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