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Italy star

Article about: Hello again Its good ? for me looks strange but i'm not expert so i ask Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Italy star

    Hello again
    Its good ? for me looks strange but i'm not expert so i ask
    Italy starItaly starItaly star

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    Looks ok to me

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    Wow really fast reply thanks again kradman

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    A bit worn. Repro ribbon.........?


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    its good.

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    It looks perfectly fine in these pics. It is not the most rare medal and there are many around. Not as many as the 39-45 or France and Germany stars but more than the Aircrew Europe for sure!

    Many of these were never worn so they often appear mint and those that were worn are usually mounted with other medals so maybe this one was split from a group?

    The ribbon is most likely the original that was issued with it. Even if it isn't there is still plenty of original ribbon to be found in the market so there is no market to support repro ribbon.

    So, this is a perfectly good medal to begin or build a collection of individual campaign stars.


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    Already find another star in better condition and I have question how much i can offer for this star ?? i dont want overpay
    Italy starItaly starItaly starItaly star

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    The price for this medal would be £10-£15

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    H, as mentioned in the reply to your question about the '39-'45 Star, because you are replacing missing decorations for your relative's grouping you will want to match up the patina / wear of the replacement parts. This is especially the case if you are planning on displaying the grouping.

    Your '39-'45 Star has a good lick of natural oxidation, so the Italy Star should match this if you want a nice consistent appearance.

    Fortunately, you have plenty of selection to choose from with these. So don't be too hasty in grabbing the cheapest replacements. Take your time, maybe pay a little extra, and do it right. You’ll be happier when the job’s done.

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