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joseph Tyszko, F/O

Article about: Information gained form The Military Cross was instituted in 1914 as a decoration for the Army, which according to a decree from 1931 may

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    Hi, can you tell me how you found that one one Polish Pilot received both a MC and AFC? Is there a list of Polish officers and their awards?

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    Oh wow. Looks like i was right. A Polish Air Force "escapers' Military Cross. Well my friends this is most rare.
    The combination of awards he recieved now is unique. He is definitly the only Polish pilot who recieved a MC and AFC.

    In regards to his Polish tunic, it is not uncommon to see PAF tunics without the Poland titles, when i interviewed a Polish pilot from 304 Sqd and another from 303 Sqd they told me that after 1945 many of them took the Poland titles off as a lot of the British population behaved negatively towards Poles, especially in the northern parts of England.

    Glad the contact worked out!

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    More info...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture joseph Tyszko, F/O  
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    More info...

    Major. Joseph Tyszko ZT 20/4/2009
    RAF No. 783492 (NCO)
    RAF No. P-1693 (officer)

    Born 30.1.1919 in Nikolaev (Ukraine). Father - Victor, mother - Anna Cholińska home.
    He attended the Gymnasium. Czacki and Niklewskiego in Warsaw final exam in 1938. He graduated from courses in Ustianowej glider pilot and aircraft in Swidnik.
    The course of military service
    At the rate of rekruckim Zambrow in 1938, graduated from the School of Aviation Reserve Sadkowie extent Plut. pchor. 1.9.39.
    On 4 September began evacuating schools in a Southerly direction. After a short-lived soviet captivity Exceeds the limit at 20.10 Cheremosh. Despite the initial Internment in Romania, he manages to get a boat to Beirut, then the sea comes to Marseilles 22.1.40. Resides in a camp in France Septfonds is 24.6.40, ie until the evacuation from the port of St. .. Jean-de-Luz.
    Pending the allocation was stationed at many bases in England on 27.6.40
    15 EFTS Carlisle, basic training on the Miles Magister from 22.6.41
    3 SFTS South Cerney, training at Oxford from 2.8.41
    18 OTU Bramcote, training in Wellington from 5.12.42
    301 dyon Hemswell, operating flights from 21.6.42.
    In 12 Flight 110 shot down by me on rummen (Belgium) 28.8.42. The entire crew rescued. Itself comes to San Sebastian, 2.9.42. Back to England via Gibraltar 5.10.42
    Base Blackpool, in anticipation of allocation, by training Polish dyonach n / t cope after shooting down across Europe
    24 Hendon British squadron, VIP transportation from 7.1.43
    512 squadron British Hendon, VIP transportation from 1.8.43
    24 Hendon British squadron, Transporting VIP 2.2.44-11.3.47

    In December 1951 graduated from the Empire Test Pilot School in Farnborough, and has served at RAF Boscombe Down between 1954 and subsequently worked as Airwork Ltd oblatywacz then chief test pilots since 1960.
    From 1960 he worked in the European delegation's Cessna. Killed in a plane crash in an airplane Cessna 210 in Sweden, 17.1.1965, buried in Camberley, England.
    He had flown a total of 6100 hours.

    Cadet corporal 30/8/1939
    Pilot Officer - Lieutenant 1.1.42
    Flying Officer - Lieutenant 1.1.43 (check the date, is also a 1.10.43, 1.3.43)
    Flight Lieutenant - Captain 1.1.44 (Case 1.3.45)
    Squadron Leader - Major 1.1.51

    Double Cross of Valor 17.9. 42, triple 21.9.42
    Military Cross 2.3.43
    Silver Cross of Merit with Swords 30.9.44
    Air Force Cross 17.6.48
    War Medal, Africa Star, 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Medal, Campaign Medal for Polski, French Campaign Medal, the Medal for Operation flights over Germany - on the basis of baretek and correspondence.

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