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Lets see your Polish Militaria Display!

Article about: Beautiful displays, you have just raised the level of display quality. For me it is going back to make maybe new display. I love your 2KW, and VM.

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    Quote by TABSTABS1964 View Post
    Finally I would like to know opinions about two objects that I am following and whose images, description of the seller and price, are the following:

    Attachment 1281851

    Polish Army WW1 - pre WW2 Pilsudski Legions hat cap metal eagle.
    8,50 €.

    Attachment 1281852

    Polish eagle cap badge Poland military Army.
    7,00 €.

    Thank you in advance for the expert opinions and advice of the followers of this thread of the forum, with whom I hope to better know and expand my Polish militaria collection.

    poland first to fight!!
    Hello TabsTabs1964,
    Thank you for your interest in Polish memorablia!

    I can only say that first eagle is a copy and the second one is current Polish Army cap eagle badge.

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    Hello, and thanks for sharing pictures of your collection.

    The Cross of Valour (KW) in posts 707-709 is interesting. As you may be aware, there was a smaller sized serial number introduced during the production run of the second smaller pattern of KW. Both the larger and smaller serial numbers are found throughout the approx 17,000 smaller KW’s produced. Throughout all of the government issue serial numbered KW’s we occasionally find number stamping errors. Rather than tossing the cross the error is usually “corrected” by simply over-stamping the wrong number. Two or three extra strikes results in a deep impression of the intended number. Although in some instances it is not always clear what the intended number is supposed to be. With your cross it seems that a large numeral 4 has been used to effectively over-stamp the original incorrect number. It’s the first such example I’ve seen.

    Re your question about the eagles, we do not get into pricing discussions here. The first one pictured appears to be a modern copy. The second is the current Polish Army hat eagle.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    After twelve years of my visit to Krakow where I had the opportunity to buy the military medals whose photos I uploaded a few weeks ago in this thread, a great friend will travel there for the next four of May, to spend a few days on vacation.
    I have been able to verify by Street wiew that the militaria store where I made my purchases in 2007 on Fflorianska Street (Militaria Arsenal) is closed.
    However, I located another militaria store (Antyki-Militaria on 17 Felicjanek Street)
    My friend has a single order for me: buy a hat eagle from World War II.
    On his cell phone he carries the first two or three photos of Gary J. thread "Polish Hat Eagles".
    But there is a question that I do not know how to respond to him. How much money should he spend to buy the eagle cap badge?
    I honestly do not have an idea of what a reasonable price could be. I would really appreciate any advice

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    I collect Home Army and other items as they relate to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

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    As I need to raise some funds, I am now parting with my Polish items.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    At 7 Rynek Glowny Krakow is Arsenal Antiques. This maybe the same shop that was on Floriansk Street.

    It is on the main market square and is located in a space with other shops, so its entrance is on the interior of a courtyard.


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    Hi Paul,

    You are absolutely right - Arsenal Antiques was moved to the Rynek Główny 7 in Kraków couple years ago. This is the same shop and its owner as on Florianska Street.


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    ade , do you have pennons of 6th armoured regiment children of lwow in items you are parting with?

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