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Merit Cross?

Article about: Have I identified this correctly as a Cross of Merit, Gold grade? And can anyone date this for me please? Thanks in advance.

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    To revisit the topic of Spink maker marks, again, my attempt at dating these Spink decorations is nowhere near a precise science. As mentioned in another thread, Spink records prior to 1944 were lost due to a wartime bombing strike on London. Furthermore, the company has changed ownership at twice since then. According to Spink they have no access to any records spanning the years 1944 to 1990, and of course, the ones prior to that thanks to a German bomb.

    From observing characteristics of Spink decorations forming parts of Polish veteran’s groupings awarded during or immediately after WW2, the maker marks “Spink London” located just below the ribbon ring on the upper arm of the cross (as shown in post #8) are the earlier type. The marks “Spink London Silver” on the lower arm of the cross (post #7) are a later stamp. Again, I do not know what year this stamp was introduced. And I will not exclude the possibility of being entirely wrong with any of this!

    I would expect that there are historians and collectors out there possessing knowledge of Spink products and their various permutations. I am ever hopeful that one may stumble across this thread and enlighten us all. Until then, we’re forced to continue to groping in the dark.

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    Re the Panasiuk enamel Silver Cross of Merit -

    Note that the "ribbon" probably, if not certainly, is a Panasiuk product, I believe that the pendant is "married" to it. . . . .

    (and I hope that they don't have children)


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