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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hi Andrzej,

    Thank you very much for the information about the soldier. From what I found, Karol Barysz probably died on 7th September 1992 and was buried in Przemyśl (Poland) in graveyard on Juliusza Słowackiego 104 street.
    You can find more details here Cmentarze Przemy
    I have just received the cross MCC 2665. It was delivered from Przemyśl indeed. I attach photos once again.

    Best regards,

    Monte Cassino crossMonte Cassino cross

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    Hello Everyone,

    A new Monte Cassino Cross Group for sale on ebay ww2 medal collection | eBay

    The opening price is £1,000.00p

    Photographs of the group below

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    Monte Cassino cross

    The group belonged to Bombadier Jozef Wasiak, born 23rd October 1917 in Jakowice son of Franciszek Wasiak and Zofia nee Sek.

    He was a Bombadier (Lance Corporal) in the 5th Anti aircraft Artillery Regiment, 5KDP, Army Number : 1917-131-III.

    After the end of the war he came to the UK arriving on the 20th September 1946, he married Dorothy May Tillington on the 24th March 1954 in Gloucestershire.

    Dorothy May Wasiak died on the 26th March 1993 and Jozef died on the 6th March 2009 in Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire.

    Best wishes


    p.s. click to enlarge the photographs in a new page

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    Hello My father was also in Guard Battalion 2. According to his Military Records, he enlisted in the PRC on 19 February 1947. The Baon Commander who signed this part of the records was Lt. Col. Bronislaw Poplatek - possibly the same person who signed the MC certificate belonging to your great grandfather. I have a few group photos taken in Italy in 1944 - I can email them to check if you recognise anyone in them. I, too, know very little about the Guard Battalion and would love to learn more. Hopefully you have learnt something since the time of your posting ! Carolyn

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    Hello Andrzejku,
    Could you please Help me identify recipients of the following crosses: 1507,23762, 27754 and 29565?
    Also, do you know where can I find original or any good MCC ribbons?
    Best regards.
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    Hello Pat,

    Many thanks for your post, I have spent most of the morning searching the internet for you for Monte Cassino Cross Replacement Ribbon. Most of what is available on the Market is very wide ribbon over I think 38mm so that is to wide.

    If you had asked this question over 20 years ago I would have been able to put you in contact with a number of dealers that had the correct width replacement ribbon, some even in silk. But most of them have passed on or have retired.

    Anyway hopefully one of the other members of the Forum will be able to answer that question for us.

    The recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 1507, 23762, 27754, 29565 their details are listed below for you Pat.

    MCC 1507

    Rank : Kapitan

    Surname : Kołek

    Christian Name : Marian

    Date of Birth : 1905

    Army Number : 1905-361-III

    Unit : KGL2BSK (Headquarters Staff 2nd Rifle Brigade, 3DSK)

    MCC 23762

    Rank : Ulan

    Surname : Druzynski

    Christian Name : Edward

    Date of Birth : 1921

    Army Number : 1921-61-III

    Unit : 15PULP

    MCC 27754

    Rank: Strzelec

    Surname : Kwiatkowski

    Christian Name : Michal

    Fathers Name : Kazimierz

    Date of Birth : 1909

    Army Number : 1909-200-III

    Unit : 15 Kompanii Zaopatrywania

    Captured in Łuck on the 19th September 1939 whilst serving either as a Regular or Reservist, joined the Anders Army at Tatiszczewo on the 5th September 1941.

    MCC 29565

    Rank : Pancerny

    Surname : Saniewski

    Christian Name : Stanisław

    Fathers Name : Walery

    Date of Birth : 1905

    Army Number : 1905-200-III

    Unit : P4Panc (4th Armoured Regiment), 3 Szwadron (3rd Squadron)

    Arrested in Kowel on the 18th September 1939, he joined the Anders Army at Tockoje on the 2nd September 1941.

    That is all that I have been able to find for you Pat.

    I hope that it is of some use and help to you.

    Best wishes


    p.s. my bill is in the post.

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    Thank you so much for the information on the crosses. I am afraid for all these times you have provided me with the information on the crosses the bill would be quite significant. I appreciate the time you spent searching for the information and the ribbons. Please keep me in mind if you ever come upon good MCC ribbons. Thank you again.

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    One more request for the info on MCC number 466. Thanks again for the last one.

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    Hello Pat,

    The recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered 466 was Strzelec Teodor Medyk, Born in 1907, Army Number : 1907-243-III, Headquarters 2nd Corps.

    Best wishes


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    I am French and I collect medals.
    I have for many years a cross of Monte Cassino which belonged to a Polonias remained in France after the war.
    The number of this cross is 17807.
    Can you help me identify it.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

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    Hello Bernard,

    Many thanks for your post and may I be the first to welcome you to the Forum, I have been searching for you and have found the following information on the Recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 17807 when awarded the recipients details were as follows:

    Rank : Podporucznik (2nd Lieutenant(

    Surname : MILATA

    Christian Name : ALOJZY

    Fathers Name : ALOJZY

    Date of Birth : 1916

    Army Number : (also found on His ID tags) : 1916-145-III

    Unit : 16 Baon Strzelec (16th Rifle Battalion, 5 K.D.P. (5th Kresowa Infantry Division)

    In searching for Alojzy I found that he was captured by the Russians on the 19th September 1939 in Sarnki Górne, he joined the Anders Army at Tockoje on the 2nd September 1941 after his release from the gulags.

    Records show that he was either a Regular or Reservist in September 1939, confirmation can be obtained from the Army records Centre at Rembertow near Warsaw.

    Monte Cassino cross

    I have also been able to find for you a photograph of Podporucznik Alojzy Milata. (click on the photograph to enlarge it in a new page).

    I also have copies of the yearly report from the 5KDP Association in London which also lists those former soldiers who had died during the year. With you saying Bernard that you had, had this cross for some years, I only have the 5KDP Pamplets from 1997-2009, but I thought that I would check them anyway for you. In the 2002 Issue Nr 59 on page 58 the death was listed of Major Alojzy Milata who had died that year in Italy.

    I hope that the above information is of some use and help to you Bernard.

    Best wishes


    p.s. My Bill is in the Post, prompt payment appreciated.

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