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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello Artur,

    The following were awarded the Monte Cassino Crosses you enquired about in your post:

    When awarded their details were as follows:

    MCC Nr: 35093

    Rank : Kapral

    Surname : CHAMIELEC

    Christian Name : Jan

    Date of Birth : 8th May 1901

    Army Number : 1901-33-III

    Unit : 7PAPpanc

    MCC Numbered : 39494

    Rank : Saper

    Surname : STASZKIWICZ

    Christian Name : Wasyli

    Date of Birth : 1923

    Army Number : 1923-196-III

    Unit : 10BSK

    MCC Numbered : 39885

    Rank: Starszy Saper

    Surname : ZAKRZEWSKI

    Christian Name : Jan

    Date of Birth : 1918

    Army Number : 1918-37-III

    Unit : 10BSK

    MCC Numbered : 39961

    Rank : Saper

    Surname : Rybiński

    Christian Name : Stanisław

    Date of Birth : 1900

    Army Number : 1900-78-III

    Unit 10KMost

    Artur do you own all these MCC or are they owned by friends of yours, from what I remember these have been auctioned recently in the last year on ebay.

    Best wishes


    p.s. My Bill is in the post, prompt payment appreciated

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    Thank you so much for Your info.I do not have information about buyers of these crosses and I do not own them,MCC nr 39494 is now auctioned in ebay.MCC nr 35093 auctioned in Poland.I do not remember if someone bought it.With very best wishes and, again, many grateful thanks.Artur.

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    Currently there is a cross with a very low number.MCC No. 622: How anyone interested to send a link to this auction.
    Best regards,Artur.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

    Monte Cassino cross  

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    A bit different request this time. I am looking for information on:
    Plut. Ignacy Frydman, born 1905;
    Plut. Thaddeus's Malysz,
    Plut. Michal Kiedel, 11 pulk art ciezkiej;
    Plut. Stanislaw Antkowiak, 6 Baon SK;
    Por. Tadeusz Stzebosz;
    Por. Karol Wolanski.
    If you could please provide me their crosses numbers any any other available information I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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    Hello Pat,

    Many thanks for your post I have been able to find the following information on 5 of the above named Soldiers:

    Rank : Kapral

    Surname : FRYDMAN

    Christian Name : Ignacy

    Date of Birth : 1905

    Army Number : 1905-111-III

    Unit : 10BSK

    MCC Numbered : 38993

    Rank : Kapral

    Surname : Małysz

    Christian Name : Tadeusz

    Date of Birth : 1906

    Fathers Name : Katejan

    Army Number: 1906-163-III

    Unit : 7PAPLotLek

    MCC Numbered : 36148

    Rank : Plut.

    Surname : Małysz

    Christian Name : Tadeusz

    Date of Birth: 1913

    Fathers Name : Stanisław

    Army Number : 1913-95-III

    Unit : P4Panc

    MCC Numbered : 29351

    Rank : Kapral

    Surname : KIEDEL

    Christian Name : Michał

    Date of Birth : 1913

    Fathers Name : Florian

    Army Number : 1913-340-III

    Unit: 11PAC

    MCC Numbered : 34620

    Rank : Kapral

    Surname : Antkowiak

    Christian Name : Stanisław

    Date of Birth : 1902

    Army Number : 1902-5-III

    Unit 6BSK

    MCC Numbered : 2205

    Por. Tadeusz Stzebosz (Unfortunately No information found)

    Rank : Porucznik

    Surname : Wolanski

    Christian Name : Karol

    Date of Birth : 1907

    Army Number : 1907-144-III

    Unit : 7PAPLotLek

    Mcc Numbered : 35707

    That's all the information that I was able to find at the moment for you Pat.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you Andrzejku. I have many documents of Frydman, Kiedel and Antkowiak and it appears that they all have been promoted to Plutonowy after the war. I misspelled the name of one of the Porucznik's. The correct name is Strzebosz. Could I also ask you to find the info and cross number of st. Szer. Ruszkowski Maksymilian, 140-III-1908 and another Plutonowy Janik, KDP.
    Thank you so much.
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    Hello Pat,

    I have gone through the S's and found nothing at all for STRZEBOSZ.

    I have also gone through the R's and found nothing for RUSZKOWSKI or Ruszkiewicz or Roszkowski or Raszkowski or Raszkiewicz, no Maksymilan .

    There are 3 Janik's listed as follows:

    1) Strzelec Aleksander Janik, 1918-81-III, Unit 16Baon Strzelec, MCC 17992.

    2) Kanonier Franciszek Janik, 1915-76-III, Unit 5PAPpanc, MCC 22249.

    3) Kapral Józef Janik, 1921-60-III, Unit 18 Baon Strzelec, MCC 19497.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Adrzejku,
    Is it possible to determine the number of crosses?All soldiers in 1st Lancers Regiment Krechowiecki.
    1.rtm/cpt.GIERYCZ Tadeusz born 1909.
    2.por/lt-rtm/cpt.CZAPSKI Andrzej born 1913.
    3.kpr.pchor./cpl.cadet officer KUKIEŁKA Bolesław born 1924.
    4.wachm/sgt ANDZEJEWSKI Aleksander born 1913.łan OŻGA/OZGA Jan born 1925.
    Best regards.Artur

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    Hello Artur.

    With regards to the 1PUL list of Officers and O/R's the information you requested is listed below:

    1) Major Tadeusz GIERYCZ MCC 29680 (VM KW x2 ZKZzM)

    2) Rtm. Andrzej CZAPSKI MCC29676 (KW)

    3) Ppor Bolesław KUKIEŁKA MCC 29693 (VM KW)

    4) Wachm.sp. Aleksander ANDZEJEWSKI MCC29724 (VM KW)

    5)St.Ulan. Jan OŻGA MCC 30104 (KW)

    Artur I hope that the above answer's your question.

    Best wishes


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    Hello Adrzejku,
    Is it possible to determine the number of crosses?All soldiers in 1st Lancers Regiment Krechowiecki:
    1.Cpl officer cadet GRUSZKOŚ Zbigniew born 1917.
    2.Cpl.L(Ł)ABIEJKO Mikołaj born 1915.
    3.Sgt/wachm.ŁUCZAK Ernest born 1914.
    4.Lsgt.officer cadet Liebhardt Artur born 1907
    5.Ltn.KACZOROWSKI Antoni born 1914.
    6.Ltn.MISZTAK Kazimierz born 1920.
    Thank you so much.Best regards.Artur

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