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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Thank you Wisnia, Andrzej confirmed the award to strz Grabowski.

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    Andrzejku, thanks so much. You are great help.

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    Hello Andrzejku
    I have a great request if you could correct the numbers of crosses and give the army numbers.These are the soldiers of the 2nd Corps live in the Podlaskie Voivodship.List of Professor Żdanowicz.Littera A-B.
    1.kpr.ANDRUSZKIEWICZ Tadeusz;born 1914,died 1995,nr MCC 33120,unit 9 pac,lived Tykocin.
    2.kan.BAJKO Paweł,born 1908,died 1997,no nr MCC,unit 4 pal,lived Siemianówka. Aleksander,born 1906,no nr MCC+VM,unit 5 KDP,lived Kolno. Eugeniusz,born 1914,died 1987,nr MCC 14702,unit 3 baon saperów,lived Łomża. rank BAŃKOWSKI Tadeusz,born 1919,no nr MCC +KW,unit 6 pal,lived Zambrów. rank BARGIELSKI Piotr;born 1907,died 1993,no nr MCC,unit 23 komptransp,lived Łomża.
    7.kan.BASISTA Kazimierz,born 1918,died 1993,nr MCC 25225,unit 4 pal,lived Siemiatycze. rank BERNADZKI Henryk,born 1914,no nr MCC,unit 2 Bpanc lived Białystok.
    9.strz.BESZTA Józef,born 1914;died 1990,nr MCC 24506;unit in list 18 bsk,allocation 5 bckm,lived Białystok.
    10.sierż.BIZIUK Aleksander,born 1906,died 1995,nr MCC 40506,unit 11 baon łączności,lived Siemiatycze. Antoni,born 1920,nr MCC 30437+KW,unit p6p,lived Białystok.Army number:1920-117-III.
    12.ułan BOHOJŁO Bronisław;born 1918,died 2001,nr MCC 23671+KW,unit 15 pup,lived Białystok.
    13.bomb.BORKOWSKI Paweł;born 1920,nr MCC 22101;unit 5 pap-panc,lived Siemiatycze.
    14.kan.BOROWSKI Edward,born 1916,nr MCC 37589,unit 1 Ppom Artylerii,lived Łapy.
    15.kan.BOROWSKI Stanisław,born 1921,died 1994,no nr MCC,unit 2 pal,lived Ostrów Mazowiecka.
    16.strz.BRONOWICZ Jan,born 1919,died 2002,nr MCC 17065,unit 15 bsk,lived Białystok. rank BRZOSKA KAZIMIERZ,born 1913,died 1994,no nr MCC,unit 5 KDP,lived Grajewo.ŃCZYK Konstanty;born 1920,died 1999,nr MCC 6566,unit in list 5 bsaperów,5 KDP,lived Białystok.
    19.kpr.BUDROWSKI Józef,born 1911,died 1993,nr MCC 29067,unit p4p,lived Krynki.
    20.kpr.BUJNICKI Józef,born 1912,died 1998,nr MCC 17644,unit in list 3 DSK.lived Białystok.ŁATOWICZ Aleksander.born 1914,no nr MCC,unit in list 14 bsk,lived Sokołda.
    22.kan.BURAKOWSKI Adam,born 1913,died 2000.,no nr MCC,unit 7 pap-panc,lived Gołdap. rank BUSŁAJEW Mikołaj,born 1919,no nr MCC,unit 11 baon łączności,lived Ełk.
    Add prof.ŻDANOWICZ award card/ legitymacja MCC i first title page list.
    Best regaeds.
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    Hello Artur,

    I have gone through your request, I will do this once for you that is all, I have gone through the Register of Recipients I have done the first 11 so far and will post the remainder when I have time.

    1) Bomb. Tadeusz Andruszkiewicz, 1914-59-III, MCC 33120, 9PAC.

    2) Nothing listed for Pawel Bajko

    3) Strzelec Aleksander Banach, 1906-104-III, MCC 17876, 16BS.

    4) Saper Eugeniusz Banaszkiewicz, 1914-165-III, MCC 14702, 3KBSap.

    5) Kan. Tadeusz Bankowski, 1919-261-III, MCC 20754, 5PAL

    6) Kapral Piotr Bargielski, 1907-111-III, MCC 44429, 23KT

    7) Saper Kazimierz Basisty, 1918-188-III, MCC 25225, DS5KDP

    8) No Record Found

    9) Strzelec Jozef Beszta, 1914-77-III, MCC 24506, 5BCKM.

    10) Plut. Aleksander Biziuk, 1906-98-III, MCC 40506, 11BL.

    11) Pancerny Antoni Bohaterewicz, 1920-117-III, MCC 30437, P6Pancerny.

    That is all so far I will try to do the rest for you over the weekend Artur.


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    Thank You,Andrzejku so much.Unfortunately, Zhdanowicz's list contains errors. In Poland there is no one to correct it.
    Link to the adjective list.
    Janusz Stankiewicz. Genealogia, przodkowie, badania genealogiczne, forum dyskusyjne
    Thank You again.Artur
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    Hello Artur,

    The 2nd part enclosed:

    12) Ulan Bronislaw BOHOJŁO, 1918-109-III, MCC 23671, 15PUP

    13) Kan. Pawel Borkowski. 1920-454-III, MCC 22101, 5PAPpanc

    14) Only Edward's Listed Born in 1900, 1920, 1922, 1926.

    15) Kan. Stanislaw Borkowski, 1917-137-III, MCC 20031, 4PAL

    16) Strz. Jan Bronowicz, 1919-212-III, MCC 17065, 15BS

    17) Kazimierz Brzoska Not Listed

    18) MCC Nr: 6566 was awarded to Kan Konstanty Krysztopowicz, 1920-143-III, 3KPPpanc

    19) St. Panc. Jozef Budrowski, 1911-89-III, MCC 29067, P4Panc

    20) St.Strz. Jozef Bujnicki, 1916-146-III, MCC 17644, KG6LBP

    21) St, Strz. Aleksander Bulatewicz, 1914-169-III, MCC 16254, 14BS

    22) Kan. Adam Burakowski, 1913-123-III, MCC 35079, 7PAPpanc

    23) Mikolaj Buslajew 1919, 11BL Not Listed

    24) Strz Witold Zdanowicz, 1923-82-III, MCC 14517, 3BSK.

    I hope that this answers all your queries Artur

    Best wishes


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    I saw that Prof. Zdanowicz's list was ,,hot". A part of the soldiers came to the units after the Battle of Monte Cassino. On some positions, the units of the last allotment were entered. In spite of having MCC numbers missing.
    Than YOU,Andrzejku!!!
    Best regards.

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    Could you please give information on the recipients of the Monte Cassino Crosses numbers 6318:1kPAL,38215:PUKarpackich;littera C-D.,43537:Head Supply and Transport Services ?Add award cards/legitymacje.
    Many thanks You.
    Best regards,
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    Monte Cassino cross  

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    Hello Artur,

    With regards to your request for information on the 3 recipients of the MCC numbered : 6318, 38215, 43537

    6318 was awarded to Wacław KUBLIN

    38215 was awarded to Tadeusz CHULRK

    43537 was awarded to Karol SZTWIERTNIA

    I would like to know why you require this information if you already own these Legitymacja you should already know their names and details and if you do not own them, why do you need to know their Names.

    Best wishes


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    Dear Andrzejku,
    I collect all the information about the soldiers of II Corps decorated with MCC. I have a lot of this, in Poland there are not many good articles about soldiers of the PSZ, especially the MCC.Studies contain errors and are not complete.The only author who writes specifically is prof.WAWER ZBIGNIEW.
    Best wishes,
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