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Monte Cassino cross

Article about: I dont htink about this like a collection maybe it is naive but it is a part of my family and describe the brave men which hard to find these days.Some award documents.tedAttachment 356198At

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    Hello Tony,

    Many thanks for your post, I sincerely hope you do not mind me rotating your grandfathers photograph

    Monte Cassino cross

    Best wishes


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    No of course not thank you it is much better

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    Hello, Dear Andrzejku.
    Can you write to whom was given+ army number.MCC with numbers:2074,7566.And person:kanonier Franciszek Śliwoń, ur. 15.12.1908, pow. Miechów,Unit PAC.
    Thank YOU,so much.
    Best wishes,

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    Hello Artur,

    Many thanks for your post can I assume that these crosses are in your collection, with regards to Franciszek Śliwoń,

    Rank : Kanonier (Artilleryman)

    Surname : Śliwoń

    Christian Name : Franciszek

    Date of Birth : 15th December 1912

    Date of Death : 3rd May 1944

    Place of Death : Monte Cassino

    Buried : Monte Cassino Grave Nr : 1-D-4

    Unit : 11PAC

    MCC Numbered : 34945

    Monte Cassino cross

    photograph of Kan Franciszek Śliwoń grave at Monte Cassino Polish War Cemetery.

    MCC Numbered : 2074 was awarded to :

    Rank : Kapral (Corporal)

    Surname : Andruszkiewicz

    Christian Name : Jan

    Date of Birth : 1903

    Army Number : 1903-15-III

    Unit: 1KPAL

    MCC Numbered : 7566 was awarded to :

    Rank: Strzelec (Rifleman)

    Surname : Kedzior

    Christian Name : Jan

    Date of Birth : 1921

    Army Number : 1921-134-III

    Unit : 5BSK.

    I sincerely hope that the above answers all your questions Artur

    Best wishes


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    Default My fathers Monte Cassino Cross

    Hi there

    what an amazingly detailed forum you have here.

    I wonder if anyone could help me please with details of the circumstances of my father, Aleksander Wotjiuk, receiving his Monte Cassino Cross numbered 13625

    many thanks in advance for any information


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    Rankchotniczka-siostra PCK,siostra laborantka.
    Date of attestation of calling up for permanent service:8 IX 1941.
    Army number:1911-366-III.
    Place of birth:Lwów.
    Unit:1 szpital wojenny.
    MCC in Zdanowicz list:Kocowicz Irena- - 1911 - siostra - 5 Szpital Wojenny - - nr MCC 24525 this block:Od numeru 24439 do numeru 25130:to unit 5 Kresowy Batalion CKM.It can be converted to numbers:42525???
    Andrzejku, could you verify the cross number?
    I have a question whether this soldier was given a MCC:Sgt/sierż.GAWROŃSKI Teofil,army number:1897-4-III.Unitowództwo Etapowe APW.
    About Steve question:MCC nr 13639 I have saved unit:3 pap-lot.3 DSK.Littera W.
    Thank You,again.
    Best regards,
    Ps.Add foto KOCOWICZ IRENA and orginal signature.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Monte Cassino cross   Monte Cassino cross  

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    Many thanks Artur


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    Dear Andrzejku verify Monte Cassino Cross numbered 13625 to YOUR FATHER,I saved also MCC nr 13558:unit 3 Karpacki PAL/Regiment Light Artillery and 13565:unit 3 Karpacki PAP-panc.-Regiment Anti Tank Artillery.In the number range:13530-13640:There are different units here.3 pap-lot/3 Regiment Anti Aircraft Artillery.
    Best wishes.

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    Hello Steve,

    May I welcome you to the Forum, the Register of Recipients of the Monte Cassino Cross lists the following for the recipient of the Monte Cassino Cross Numbered : 13625

    Rank: Kanonier (Artilleryman)

    Surname : WOJTIUK

    Christian Name : Aleksander

    Date of Birth : 1916

    Army Number : (Also found on His ID Tags) : 1916-50-III

    Unit : 3KPAPL

    After the end of the war your Father came to the UK married your Mother Joan in 1949 in Wellingborough, he became a British Citizen on the 5th July 1972 Certificate Number : 008691, London Gazette Dated 24th August 1972 Issue 45760, Page 10155, when you where living at 11 Irchester Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire. Your Father died in 1996.

    Steve if you wish to find out more about your Fathers Service Record, you would need to contact the British Ministry of Defence, they do charge for this service and you will have to prove that you are Aleksander's Son everything is explained on the M-o-D website link is below for you to read and print off.

    Be sure to ask for copies of all the records that they have

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for that very detailed response. Request already gone to MoD.

    Artur, thank you too for the update.

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